The Undeclared Animal Death Toll in the Ongoing Incineration of the Biosphere

This reblogged post calls attention to the animal death toll from fires and floods, etc. This is important to be aware of. In addition to working to end cruel practices that needlessly harm and hurt animals, we need to consider ways of protecting them from harm due to natural and to man made disasters (as most of these fires are caused by the actions of humans).

Kevin Hester

I’m always disapointed and or angry when I read about one or other of these now almost daily mega disasters when they report 1, 10, 100 or whatever number of  (human) deaths. They never point out that thousands, tens of thousands or millions of other species have been exterminated in these anthropogenic infernos and floods.
In one of the recent fires in California, I heard a commentator say that the region had been sterilised, meaning everything in the fire zone had been killed. Bugs, mice, butterflies, rabbits, baby birds in nests, lizards, insects,you name it, they were incinerated in their millions perhaps billions.
The situation is always much worse than we know or are being told.
In pictures: The animals caught in California’s wildfires

The official statistics from 2010 are that between 150 and 200 species go extinct every day. Thats 200 important branches of evolution lost forever, daily. Since…

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  1. 1. Burn out mostly rich conservatives
    2. Collect billions of dollars in Federal disaster funds based on inflated real estate values
    3. Spend those billions on more welfare for the illegal immigrants you invited in
    4. Also frees up the land for government boondoggles, and you don’t have to pay full price for it
    5. More immigrants + less conservatives = more Commie votes
    6. Declare Diverse People’s Republic of Commiefornia
    7. Anyone who is oppressed by their own people, or by Bad Orange Man, can come to Commiefornia for free shit
    8. ?????
    9. Profit!

    1. Yes, these mega disasters are used to further an agenda. Trump was likely on to something about proper forestry management. They need to cut back this damn undergrowth which allows these fires, once started, to spread so very rapidly. But, the eco-fanatics demand that everything be left alone.

      There are some who assert that these fires are started by directed energy weapons or HAARP. Who knows. But, these fires do kill much wild life and that is sad.

      Hey, we live in the epicenter of this liberal madness, in Pelosi’s congressional district. Hopefully, we can get out of this state soon. The new governor-elect is already scheming with his allies in the state legislature to fund his nanny state schemes by very large tax increases for Californians. We already pay more taxes in this state than almost anywhere else in the country.

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