We can no longer rationalize away the holocausts by the Allies

How does a person write an essay on this topic?

For me, there is only one way and that is with anger mixed with terrible sadness.  Anger is caused by the heinousness and enormity of these purposeful and deliberate outrages and crimes.  Deep, depressing sadness is caused when contemplating the very large numbers of innocent lives lost, or for those who managed to survive, for the many lives ruined.  The gravity of this topic can be crushing, and we recognize that few blog visitors will  bother to read this essay in its entirety.  But, lack of readership will not deter me from writing this as I feel morally compelled to do so.  The mass murders of the Allies, the alleged “good guys”, are both unconscionable and cry out to Heaven for justice.



The recent magazine edition (above) that prompted me to write this post can be purchased at the link below, and you can also see the table of contents (listing the articles) by scrolling down on your screen.

Holocausts!  Real & Imagined


It is difficult living in a world of lies – and burying the truth is a form of a lie.  Smearing honest truth seekers, researchers and historians is a vile act.

There was much atrocity propaganda during World War One that defamed and vilified the Germans.  After the war, such vile propaganda was investigated and debunked.  The victorious Allies in 1945 were not about to allow that to happen a second time.  Many important individuals in the defeated German government and German armed forces were put on trial (really show trials) and executed soon after the war.  This process (rapid fire show trials followed by quick executions of death sentences) silenced many voices that knew the truth about alleged crimes against humanity, and served to intimidate into silence other voices that could contradict the victor’s narrative.  But, this post is not to document how the “holocaust” of the Jews has been painstakingly and exhaustively debunked over the past 50 years by revisionist and forensic researchers and investigators.  We note that there are many holocaust museums around the world, but none of these to my knowledge have any exhibits on the many holocausts of non-Jews in the past 150+ years.

In fact, one of the reasons we hear of and read of “the holocaust” incessantly is to divert our attention away from the many very real holocausts that have been committed by the so-called “good guys” in our history books and our collective memory.

“People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.

We thank Mike Walsh for bringing this relevant quote to our attention recently.

There were many holocausts and crimes against humanity the Allies caused and participated in before, during and after the Second World War.  Here, in the next few paragraphs, is a partial list to ponder.

Stalin’s man-made famine in the Ukraine in 1932-3.  Known as the Holodomor, it claimed the lives of several millions persons (estimates vary).  Stalin’s purges in the mid to late 1930s that led to the summary executions of millions of civilians and thousands of Red Army officers, and the deportations to the gulag system of forced labor of millions more.

The Allied terror bombing campaign in World War Two where the civilian population centers of Germany and Japan were targeted for total destruction in contradiction to the laws of war.  Despite (deeply flawed) Allied estimates, the true totals of dead can never be known.  But, in Dresden alone, a refugee city with a swollen population, the St. Valentine’s Day (also Ash Wednesday) bombing that went on for 2 days and nights (13-15 February, 1945) may have killed hundreds of thousands.  The fire bombing of Tokyo in March, 1945 completely destroyed 15.8 square miles of very densely populated urban residential areas and the true figure of dead could well be in the several hundreds of thousands or even higher.  And, then, sadly, there were the 2 atomic bombings in August, 1945.  (During the war, Churchill’s policies in British ruled India resulted in a famine that may have killed as many as 4 million Indians.  This is little known in the Western world.)

Late in the war in Europe, and continuing after the official end of hostilities there in May, 1945, the Red Army raped and slew its way through the German civilian population it encountered on its march to Berlin.  The western Allies had policies that led to many Germans (both military and civilian) in the western zones of occupation dying of malnourishment in the first few years after 1945.  The mass expulsions of 12 million or more ethnic Germans from formerly German eastern territories led to much suffering, death, and homelessness.

Stalin’s communist operatives and security apparatuses. in the east European countries that were granted to Stalin at the Yalta conference, killed many people in the late 1940s as the communists consolidated their strangle hold on these lands.

Other holocausts include the forced collectivization of agriculture in Mao’s China that led to a terrible famine in the late 1950s, Mao’s liquidation of “counter-revolutionary elements” during the so-called Cultural Revolution in the late 1960s, the killing fields of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge in the mid to late 1970s, the Armenian genocide at the hands of Ottoman Turks in the World War One era, and the tribal genocide in Rwanda in 1994.  We note also that the Chinese invasion of Tibet in late 1950 was effectively a holocaust for the Tibetan people.  And, of course, the seizing of Palestine by the Jews in the late 1940s was and continues to be a holocaust for the Palestinians.  The Bolshevik Revolution followed by the civil war and then the famine in Russia in the early 1920s might also be thought of as a holocaust of sorts for having caused millions of deaths and much suffering.  The atrocities committed by the “Republicans” (atheistic communists and anarchists) in Spain in the years 1936 to 1939 can be termed a holocaust for Spanish Catholics.  (Ed. Last night, we overlooked the Americans and their bombings and war in Indochina that led to the deaths of a few million Vietnamese.  We note that now.)

We want to talk briefly about the fire bombing of Tokyo in March, 1945 by the Americans.  There is a heart breaking, stomach turning article (Island of Fire, by Thomas Goodrich, pages 52 to 65) in the above magazine which tells us in explicit details what is was like to have seen and survived the fire bombing of Tokyo on the night of March 9-10, 1945.  There are several quotes from Japanese survivors who were eye witnesses to the hell unleashed on Tokyo by the American bombers.  Their accounts are truly horrific.  (I had to stop reading the article as I was becoming physically ill with a visceral reaction.  This is no exaggeration.)  Japanese who were hit by napalm found to their horror that jumping into the canals and rivers did not extinguish the flames of their burning flesh.  The rising firestorm sucked away the oxygen at ground level suffocating many persons.

First, we need to point out the purposeful targeting of homes within residential areas with incendiary explosives and napalm during this American bombing.  This was a terror bombing that did not target military or industrial facilities but rather was planned and executed to kill and maim as many civilians as possible.  War crime?!  Secondly, this bombing was purposely carried out late at night when it was to be expected that most civilian residents would be in bed asleep and that would serve to increase the death toll and to slow the Japanese response to the bombing (fire fighting, medical help of the injured).

Most of the deaths in the American terror bombing of Japanese cities were children, women, and the elderly (non-combatants).  This is important to bear in mind when considering if the Allies were truly “good guys”.

The US newspapers at the time acted as cheer leaders for the slaughter, stoking the fires of hatred, by lauding such atrocities.

(Thomas Goodrich is to be thanked and applauded for his courage and dedication in writing his most recent book, Summer, 1945 Germany, Japan and The Harvest of Hate (2018, The Palm Press).  It touches on many of these Allied holocausts.)

To be honest, these were acts of mass murder as these were intentional actions aimed at taking innocent lives.  The Allies in World War II were guilty of worse crimes than the Axis powers committed.  Allied political and military leaders should have been put on trial.  (Churchill and Arthur “Bomber” Harris and US General Curtis LeMay come quickly to mind.  As well as Stalin.  FDR died just before the end of the war, but he was guilty of war crimes, too.  Truman ordered the heinous atomic bombings of 2 civilian population centers.  Eisenhower ordered the starving of disarmed German POWs after the end of hostilities in his camps along the Rhine River.)  The terrible irony here is that both Britain and the US were allegedly Christian nations at the time these horrific crimes were being committed in the name of civilization.

This kind of total annihilation war is like that of the hordes of Genghis (or Chinggis) Khan and his descendants in the 13th century (when many cities in central Asia and even Baghdad (in 1258) were completely destroyed and even a few provinces of the then Iraq and Iran were depopulated).  It also calls to mind the kind of war the Israelites waged against the inhabitants of Canaan in the Old Testament.

And, this total destruction type of war continues today in Syria and Yemen.  Iraq and Libya are still rebuilding and trying to restore order, and the process will be a protracted one.  Whether by proxy, or by NATO, or by the US with Britain, countries are still being destroyed with much civilian death and suffering that we either choose to ignore or do not hear much about from our corrupt news media.

We constantly mourn the US veterans who lost their lives, or their eyes and/or limbs in the many wars that the US has fought.  That is understandable.  But, do we ever grieve or mourn for those many persons they killed or maimed or made homeless?!

links and resources (all recommended)

In this first link, we see German girls placing flowers on the graves of fallen Germans:

even our enemies are human beings

This next link is to an article about the fate of very young German children in Denmark immediately after the end of the war in 1945.  The criminal neglect of these German refugee children in Denmark led to many avoidable, unnecessary deaths.  The killing of innocents did not stop with the end of military actions in May, 1945, but continued in Germany and in neighboring countries.  In fact, millions more Germans civilians died after the war in the mid to late 1940s from all causes than perished during the war!  And, we point out that these post war deaths were the intended result of the vindictive, murderous occupation policies of the victors.  (A good book to read that covers this subject area well is Other Losses by James Bacque.)

a legacy of dead German children

The Germans are perpetually smeared and defamed because of the alleged holocaust of Jews in “death camps” in occupied Poland during the war.  Here is a recent post from another blogger that cites the many questions and points that an honest Jewish holocaust researcher has about the holocaust (that he no longer believes occurred).

the open letter that Spielberg couldn’t reply to


A needed, objective reevaluation of National Socialist Germany

Although incessantly demonized since the late 1930s, Chancellor Hitler had made many reasonable peace offers to the Western democracies, some even after the war started in September, 1939.  This is something to bear in mind.  Hitler had no intention of trying to conquer and subjugate the entire world – that is Allied wartime propaganda.  (We also point out that Weimar Germany had called for dis-armament at international conferences in the last 5 years before Hitler came to power.)

For the facts about the German economy in the 1930s, we recommend this well written post.  It appears that it was the Germans who were the ones fighting for freedom from a tyrannical financial regime that still rules the world today in addition to fighting against the barbaric and murderous Bolshevism of the USSR.

the facts about the National Socialist economy

Here is another post that informs us that Germany had to be destroyed because its example of breaking free from the clutches of international finance and usury might be contagious and spread to many other countries.

Hitler’s economic miracle


Here is a final link to a recent post that is informative and though provoking:

Veterans’ Day is really Palestinian Genocide Day

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