Meet These 10 Women Who Changed The Face of Physics.

In this reblogged post, we note and celebrate the contributions to physics made by women.

The Secrets of the Universe

From the discovery of radioactivity to the discovery of pulsars, here are the stories of 10 women who changed the course of physics.

Maria Sklodwska-Curie (1867-1934)

(Radioactivity Pioneer)

This name needs no introduction. The legendary Marie curie was the winner of two Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry, the first woman to win the Nobel and also the only person to win the prize in two different field. She did pioneering work in the field of radioactivity, discovered two new elements and also invented mobile X-rays that saved many lives in world war I.

Vera Rubin (1928-)


Vera Rubin

Vera Rubin saw something strange in galaxies; stars in the outer part of the galaxies orbit as quickly as those in the centre. She surmised that each galaxy contains more mass than meets the eye. It was the first observational evidence of dark matter which is now one of the…

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