remembrances of a long time pet

A beloved pet cat of many years, Cassie, has recently passed on and we share a few images of her in her final weeks.  These photos have generously been donated to our blog by my wife’s niece.



Lying on her back in this shot, she lived for about 15 years.



A final look as she gazes, perhaps with some sadness, at the camera.  It is said that we can do many things in the company of others, with others, but that each of us dies alone, as an individual without companionship in the dying process.



It is sad that Cassie has now passed on, and perhaps her life force, consciousness, or spiritual energy has returned to the “Source of all Life”, also known as God.  But, the fond memories her owner and family have of her will surely live on.

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    1. Thanks Krista for your thought. My wife’s niece and her family endured the loss. On the positive side, they were able to enjoy the cat’s company for a long time.

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