simply kittens – part one

These 2 kittens are brothers and were recently adopted by my wife’s niece from a rescue shelter.  All images in this 2 part series are by kind courtesy of my wife’s niece, who has graciously contributed these to our blog.



In this view, it almost appears as these 2 are contrite, or as though in a prayerful or supplicant pose.



Relaxing in their new home.



These 2 kittens do many things together.  Now, it is meal time.



Nap time finds this kitten truly in another world.



A natural pose!



These 2 feel secure in their new home as they sleep much of the time.



Another view.



A kitten sitting on a woman’s lap.  Our adult cat likes to jump up into our laps, too.



Down on the floor now.



Now, looking at the camera.



Looks like these 2 are sharing their body heat to keep warm.


. . . . to be continued . . . .

copyright 2018 –


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