simply kittens – part two

Here now are the remaining images of these 2 kittens adopted from a rescue shelter recently.  As in part one, all photos were generously contributed to our blog by my wife’s niece.



Cats of all ages like to sharpen their claws on furniture.  In addition to regularly trimming their claws, cat owners may need to cover their furniture with protective cloth.  (Surgical de-clawing is not recommended as it is like cutting off the ends of our fingers above the finger nails.)



It does appear that these kittens are very attached to each other.  This image may have been processed for color before being sent to us.  The cats’ fur appears to be of a different color than in most of the other pics.  The more I look at this particular image, the more I am inclined to think it is the best of the lot.



These brothers are either napping here or about to nap.



One may wonder – do cats dream?  I think so.



At another time, the kittens are curled up with one another and asleep.



The same pose as in the previous pic, but now seen from above.



Either these young cats like to sleep a lot, or my wife’s niece likes to take pictures of them while they sleep, or perhaps both.



Wide awake now – perhaps it is meal time.



Another look.



Feeling safe and secure here.



Cats, both young and old, do like to feel connection through touch.  Here we see the human-animal bond being formed through touch.



Here is the link to part one:  simply kittens – part one

Here is a link to an eye catching shirt with a cat motif:  cat shirt

copyright 2018 – larrysmusings,com


      1. Thanks for the kind words, Marc. Being a generalist blogger, we move around to many diverse topics, but I will keep it in mind. Best wishes.

  1. Cute kittens, for sure! Reminds me of when we brought home two orange tabby brothers we called “Peaches” (for his being more orange), and “Cream” (for his being more white). Peaches was indeed a character, who insisted on making friends with every dog we brought home: cat chasers and chewy puppies included!

    Thanks for sharing these cuties with us.

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