disinterested pleasure, or the joy of the moment

Even amidst all the worries, anxieties, suffering, agony, frustration, disappointment, lack of fulfillment, despair, regrets, betrayal and injustice in this rather hellish world, a conscious individual can choose to let go of it all and experience some guilt-free, disinterested pleasure.  This can happen anytime, anywhere if one is receptive to it.  Turn off the internal dialogue that we keep running inside our heads 24/7/365.  It really is not necessary to keep it going every single second of our (relatively) short lives.

Recently, I stepped outside my normal stream of consciousness, and saw that I was enduring a bit too much needless worry, concern, and anxiety.  Unexpectedly, I just broke out laughing quite strongly.  Perhaps, the trigger was a leaf blowing in the wind, or a crow soaring overhead cawing with its joy of life for all to hear.  It does not matter.  Not dead yet, I am not in Hell nor in Heaven nor in between.  The moment is now, and I choose to laugh, and not cry.  I have shed enough tears for one lifetime.  And, the old saw really is true: when you laugh, the whole world laughs with you; when you weep, you weep alone.

This reminds me of something I read some years back in a book on Zen or some other form of Buddhism: when one becomes enlightened, one can simply sit on the side of the road and laugh one’s head off.  The worries of the transitory world cannot weigh your spirit down any longer.

Of course, the pilgrim, the truth seeker, the warrior must continue to strive to live a loving, constructive and moral life.  But, in a flash of satori, one is free to enjoy the beauty amidst the ugliness.

Disclaimer: I did not need to engage in so-called recreational drug use to experience this state of consciousness, of freedom.  Drugs, including marijuana, are not needed, and ought to be shunned.

Here in this image, Lucy was enjoying the moment at Valley of Fire State Park, east of Las Vegas, on 30 November 2015.



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