images from a rainy morning downtown

With only a few weeks remaining before her retirement from working life, my wife took advantage of the opportunity yesterday morning, 5 December, and strolled around her floor to capture the following views through the glass.

In the twilight of a rainy morning in the corporate financial district of San Francisco, we see the following scenes.



There is an advantage in getting to the office quite early – an early worker pretty much has the run of the place for a short time.  Hence, the freedom to take these pictures from different parts of the office building.

An impressive view here.



A better look at the Bay Bridge here,  with morning commuters coming in to the city.



This could be anywhere in the world.  East Asian cities (Hong Kong, Shanghai) have built buildings like this one.



An interesting view here.  Modern architectural design seems to be making a statement here with these fairly new buildings.



Looking down now to the street far below.  Lucy may miss her upper floor view, but then she can look over images such as these with fond memories.  The bay is in the distance at the top of this pic.



We see advertising for US Bank (currently the 5th largest banking corporation in the US, and a big competitor of Wells Fargo Bank) on this building.  This is One California Street.  For a time in the 1992-3 time period, I use to walk by this building on the way to my job across the street from it (at 50 California, which is visible here at the right in this image).



Another look here, with 101 California Street towering higher than its nearby neighbor.  As to banks, the financial district has its share.  Indeed, if you walk up California Street to Sansome or to Montgomery Street, to the heart of the financial district, you will see banks in almost every building.  Large, small, domestic and foreign – there are many banks with branches and offices in the financial district in this city, a money center on a smaller scale than New York.  The 12th district bank of the US Federal Reserve is located not far from these buildings seen below.  (Look at a one dollar bill and note the letter that appears in the left side of it.  Most of our one dollar bills we get here have the 12th letter, “L”, to indicate these were issued by the 12th district here in San Francisco.  The largest district is indicated by the letter B for the second district of the Federal Reserve located in New York City.  But, I digress with trivia here.)



This final pic strikes me as possibly the best of all.  That is a first impression.



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      1. The world keeps turning. There is always somewhere on the globe where the sun is rising and somewhere else where it is setting. We are GMT minus 8 hours out here in western North America.

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