A globalist future for humanity?


At the local post office on Monday afternoon, I saw a mother and her elementary school age daughter come in to mail a package.  The little girl was dressed in a school uniform indicating that she attended a private, as in religious, school.  The thought came to me that the little girl had caring parents who were making the financial sacrifice to send to her to a non-public school in the hope that she would receive a better education.  In the next moment, the worry entered my consciousness as to what kind of world would this young girl (and the others of her generation) face when she reaches adulthood years from now.  What kind of world are we leaving to our children and grandchildren?

For the past couple of weeks, I have had some notes written on paper on this topic of globalism, but have been putting off writing on it.  In the past several days, I have seen several other bloggers taking up this issue.  With no more delay, I now offer my thoughts on this topic.

the push for a global governance by elites

The push for globalization is being made both economically (by the mega trans national banking corporations and the multinationals) and politically (through international bodies such as the UN, and the EU), and when considered necessary, even militarily by the US armed forces.

National sovereignty must be weakened, then effectively circumvented or destroyed for the globalist agenda to fully succeed.  Bear that in mind.

We see international bodies and related international conclaves demanding worldwide acceptance of globalist measures that weaken and undermine national sovereignty.  Today (11 December), in Morocco, many of the world’s nations are meeting to approve the UN’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.  High sounding words in a name!  This is globalism in action.  The extreme nature of the document or compact is to be found in its various clauses, one of which makes it a criminal offense for citizens to criticize migration!  Obviously, if we make migration a universal human right, national borders and sovereignty will become meaningless very quickly.  Such unchecked, unlimited migration from the Third World to the developed world, as is happening now on a smaller scale, will not be safe nor orderly.  And, who speaks for the target or destination nations?  Fortunately, several nations have already opted out of this brazen globalist overreach.  Those national leaders who are signing on to this compact are corrupt, sellouts.

More globalist overreach can be observed in the continuing efforts (for many years now since the mid 1990s) at the UN to include so-called “sexual” and “reproductive” rights as universal human rights (that all member nations must recognize and respect) in official UN documents.  These terms are code speak for abortion on demand and for homosexual rights.  There are many persons and NGOs working at the UN to force the acceptance of these throughout the world.  So far, their efforts have been thwarted by various member states and pro-life groups, but the battle is ongoing.  We can interpret these efforts as a kind of cultural imperialism by elitists from Europe and North America to dictate policies to the rest of the world.  Newsflash for the elitist liberals at the UN:  many peoples and countries around the globe do not want coercive population control measures forced on to them, and they do not want to be forced to accept homosexuality.  Each nation will have to determine for itself how to address these issues, free of diktats from the UN.

And, you thought that the UN was about keeping the peace between the nations!  No, the reality is that the UN is a globalist institution that is engaged in social engineering on a worldwide scale.

Climate change hysteria (also known as manmade global warming) is being used to further control by global bodies.  Forget about the flawed science that has been used to support this hysteria.  The masses have been led to believe in manmade global warming by the unceasing propaganda for it coming from the news media and from researchers in academia (whose grant monies are dependent upon their delivering results that support the global warming scare).  Can you say global carbon taxes?  Let the peoples of the world fund the globalist agenda.

(The US for now may be resisting some of the globalist agenda (as in opting out of the Paris climate change accord), but this may likely change after President Trump leaves office.  His successor could fall in line with the globalists as past US presidents have.)

It needs to be said that the purpose of so-called multiculturalism and the destructive Cultural Marxism (the so-called sexual revolution, radical feminism, gender confusion, political correctness, identity politics, redefinition of the family) is to break down social cohesion (by dividing us against each other) and to demoralize us, and, sadly, we in the West are largely demoralized.  A demoralized people is much easier to intimidate or pressure into submission and obedience.

It matters little what tags or labels we affix to these globalists.  Take your pick:  the Rothschilds, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, unrepentant communists, reptilians, or space aliens – call them what you will.  The push for global control is real.

why this matters

Globalists are control freaks.  Their propagandists and apologists may invoke “tolerance”, but the globalists are not tolerant of dissent or non-conformity.  Nothing is to be left to chance.  Their control must be absolute.

If you like your country’s culture – sorry, you cannot keep it.

There will be little human diversity left if the globalists succeed in their elitist, power grabbing plans.  We will witness the increasing homogenization of world society and culture.  We are all to be debt slaves, serfs, peons, or campesinos on the global plantation.  There won’t be much of a “middle class” anywhere if globalism succeeds.  As well, there will be universal abortion, worldwide promotion of homosexuality, and gender insanity throughout the world in order to keep the worker bee population in check.  If there are religious individuals of conviction who resist the globalist agenda on moral grounds, they will be silenced and persecuted.  Today, Christians are routinely mocked and shouted down in the public square and in the media when they do not go along to get along in our now toxic, post Christian culture.  Tomorrow, they may be more openly and aggressively persecuted.

In a word, freedom (true freedom, not decadent, demoralizing licentiousness) will be a thing of the past.

Given the deeply flawed moral character of man in the present age, a one world government, which is the end point of globalization, would be a tyranny.  Nation states and nationalism, despite their imperfections, offer the best hope for self-determination and the preservation of historical cultures/identities for the world’s diverse peoples.  Nation states, with informed citizenries and responsible (read non-corrupt) leaders, can serve to prevent a globalist brave new world.



the “anti-Semitic” angle

Now, we already know that any promotion of nationalism anywhere in the world (as is happening now in Russia, Syria, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Austria, and even in Spain, and may be happening in France, and Brasil) is by de fault “anti-Semitic”.  (Nationalists are routinely smeared as being anti-Semitic.  Why do Jews and Jewish pressure groups make this assertion?)  So, it follows that any criticism of, or opposition to, globalism is also anti-Semitic.  And, as we also know, for Christian Zionists (or Zionized Christians), “anti-Semitism”, real or imagined, is the very worst sin or transgression imaginable.  Yet, there are many (millions of) conflicted Christian Zionists in the US, who slavishly support Israel and the Jews without ever questioning the Israeli and Jewish policies and actions, but who also think of themselves as pro-American or America first nationalists.  So, on the one hand, these folks openly support Israel (sometimes by sporting the Israel flag on their car windshield or as a bumper sticker), yet they think of themselves as patriotic citizen nationalists for the US, and thus are being anti-Semitic (nationalism = anti-Semitism)!

It is all so very confusing at times.

My advice for the Christian Zionists is stop idolizing, stop worshiping the Jews.  They are no friends to Christians or to Christianity as they continually work against you on the social and moral issues of the day that are important to you.  We note that the pro-Israel lobby in the US would not be nearly so powerful without the support of the 60 million plus Christian Zionists here in the US.

Why would anyone (iconoclasts and free thinkers) conclude that Jews, individually and collectively, provoke anti-Semitism by their outrageous and reckless actions?  Why that very assertion is itself proof of anti-Semitic sentiment!  There can be no legitimate criticism of Jews.  It is all motivated by hate.

links for further reading and reflection

Here is a good link to a piece on how we got into this mess:

How the West eats its children by Thierry Meyssan

Here is a link to a rather lengthy piece by Andrea (a Slavic blogger) that suggests that we adopt the rules the Jews live by in order to protect what is left of ethnic European societies.  It is rather thought provoking in its insights.

emulate the rule book of Jewish power

What times to be living through!

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  1. I can speak from experience that private schooling was better. We had an olympic sized pool, tennis courts, 3 football fields, a chapel, a movie theater, several basket ball courts, separate cafeterias for the juniors and the seniors, walls that kept outsiders out and kept students from skipping. We had uniforms which were really cool. We had our own scouts program. We sang the national anthem once a week. We also had ping pong rooms, a library, and a book store. Public school was a culture shock. All the kids glorified cuss words, respect for parents was not a strong value, most of the kids were single parent kids and were atheist. Kids were free to skip classes. It was a real culture shock for me personally. Grades weren’t as big of an issue as you can pass the curriculum simply for showing up.

    1. Hey Digital Empire,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. I, too, attended religious schools (Catholic) through high school (with a short stint in a public junior high after my family moved cross country). This was in the 60s and 70s, but even then I think there was a difference as to quality of education. The difference is likely much greater in recent years. In some public school districts, just surviving until graduation can be difficult given the terrible crime and violence in some of these areas. Such societal decay . . .it makes me sad for the young.

  2. “A demoralized people is much easier to intimidate or pressure into submission and obedience.”

    Indeed they are.

    Someone reminded me recently that I would come to accept that we are living in the world that George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Ayn Rand predicted. What a dystopia.

      1. Great article, Larry. I’m going to reblog it.

        Orwell and Huxley were prophetic because they got close to some of the NWO planners and tried to warn us. Ayn Rand also got close to them, but she only gave us a partial warning. The ending was a bait-and-switch.

        I used to be a fan of hers, but I realized that her philosophy was just another path to the NWO.

        Her lover Philippe de Rothschild put her up to writing Atlas Shrugged. She idolized a serial killer in real life. She had a control-freak personality cult. She changed her name from Alicia ROSENBAUM. It all should have been obvious from the beginning. One of her main heroes was an honest banker who owned the world to come (Galt’s Gulch) and somehow it didn’t turn into a neo-feudal dystopia. http://www.illuminati-news.com/2007/0322a.htm

        Going Galt is still a great idea though.

        The dystopias of Jean Raspail (Camp of the Saints), H.P. Lovecraft, and St. John of Patmos are also prophetic.

  3. Reblogged this on Crash The Matrix and commented:
    I was thinking of writing an article about how the UN Migration Pact is going to be an absolute disaster. It will lead to a worldwide dystopian favela ruled by a tiny elite. Larry beat me to the punch. Enjoy!

  4. Excellent article whether we agree with every word therein or not. I am going to reblog this article for you just to see what kind of feedback you get and that I get.

    1. Thanks old poet for the reblog. We do not have to agree on everything. If our essays serve to stimulate critical thinking on important issues, that can be a good thing.

    1. Thanks Becky for your comment. The sad fact is that the Zionist overreach is aided and abetted by counterfeit Christians (aka Christian Zionists) who effectively worship these Jews.

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