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Here are five recent posts from other blogs/bloggers that are both informative and thought provoking as to current issues of importance in today’s world.  (Click on the bolded text below to be directed to the articles.)

First up, from Queensland, Australia, we have this forward-looking piece.  When economic power shifts to these 2 emerging Asian giants, there will be massive changes to the world’s geo-political and financial landscape.

China and India lining up to be world’s largest economies

From Brasil (Portuguese spelling here), we read that the President-elect cannot destroy the Amazon, and that his taking office soon does not spell the end of the world for the natural environment of the Amazon basin.

Amazonia is in danger with Bolsonaro?

Next, we have a post examining and analyzing the current situation in Sweden, and what this tells us of feminism when it rules a modern nation state.  (Reality check here.)

(I actually like pink as a color.)

Sweden: how feminist emasculation broke a state

From Europe, we have the next 2 linked articles.  In this first post, we read of so-called white privilege, and can see that it is a harmful modern myth that needs debunking in the public consciousness.  (Reality check here.)

the illusion of white privilege

In this final linked post, we read some of the history of South Africa which is quite disturbing, but needs to be confronted.  Bear in mind, that since the transition to black rule in 1994, South Africa has had one of the highest murder rates in the world (as in “black on black” crime).  The article relies heavily on the work and words of a black South African academic (the president of the University of Cape Town).  (Reality check here.)

anti-White racism reality of South Africa

Do click on and read these linked blog posts.  These are informative and thought provoking.



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  1. Thank you for this. Since I don’t live in those places and have not traveled there, listening to the financial community and others online can cause one to think that they have it all. What better way to know what’s going on than to listen to and read those that are actually in those parts of the world. Thank you again.

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