recent health links to articles you need to read and share widely

We present 2 links that do concern you and your loved ones.  That said, we know that most folks are just too damn busy to invest a few minutes in informing themselves about serious health risks.  The choice is yours.  But, we do urge readers to invest a little time here today and read these articles and to share them with others.  The choice is yours.  Make the right choice.

cell phones present very serous health risks, especially for young children

In this first linked article, there is an embedded video talk by a doctor that speaks to the serious danger that cell phone electromagnetic radiation poses to humans, and especially to children.  We applaud the integrity and courage of the doctor in her treatment of this topic.  Do not be lazy here, and do not be put off by the title of the post.  Cell phones also do reproductive harm.  Watch and listen to the video.

Click here:

the science behind what man’s brain and sperm share, and why we should care

Now, for the next threat to human health . . . .

today’s childhood vaccines are poisonous and quite harmful

From Real News Australia, we have this article that gives us a dire warning about how infants’ health is being harmed by dangerous vaccines.  If one vaccine was found to be so loaded with toxins and harmful ingredients, what will be found as more vaccines are rigorously tested by independent labs?  Parents must take steps now to protect their children.  A popular movement is necessary to force change here and demand these vaccines be made safe or be abandoned.  This is quite serious as the power of the state in many areas mandates childhood vaccinations.  Click here:

Infanrix Hexa – 65 Toxins Found.  All Risk.  No Benefit.

Please read, watch the 13 minute video in the first link above, and share these linked articles far and wide.  Informing your family, friends, and associates with important information to protect their health makes a great Christmas present, and costs you so little.

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    1. Thanks Stephen for these helpful links. We must maintain a healthy skepticism towards these doctors and Big Pharma. We ought not give doctors or the FDA the deference due a medieval priesthood.

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