of flowers, cats, and toys

Flowers bursting forth in color for the holidays.  Wow.



A vas of flowers at the work place.



Some days later, we see that some of these flowers appear to have grown and opened up.



It is now just days away from the 4th anniversary of Lucy adopting our pet house cat, Yoyo.



Yoyo must have heard something that made him turn his head in the direction of the sound.



Just resting here.



Aw, blissful sleep.  (The next 4 images have been graciously donated to our blog by my wife’s niece.)



Innocent, unashamed, and uninhibited here in this view.  (Nature photography.  😉 )



These brothers are quite close with each other in all that they do.  Inseparable, really.



This next image is one for the animal rescue shelters to promote pet adoptions.



On Christmas Eve evening, there was a family get together with gifts for the young children, and plenty of food for the adults.  Here comes the bus.



A closer view of a Volkswagen bus in toy form.  Nice color scheme.  Note the windshield wipers.



Here, we see the toy bus from the rear.  50 years ago, the toy cars were smaller and were from Match Box (made in England, I seem to recall).



A side view.



The other side seen here.



In this last shot, we see the bus navigating rough and uneven terrain.  Just use your imagination.



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