US: the fatal consequences of open borders

the facts

Yet again, an American citizen has been murdered by an illegal alien here in the US.  Another family has been shattered.

Here is a thumbnail sketch of the recent incident that spurred me to post this essay tonight.

In the early morning hours of December 26, 2018, Newman, California (in Stanislaus County) police corporal, Ronil Singh (33) was killed by gun shots after stopping a suspected DUI driver, who fled the scene after the incident.  A statewide manhunt followed that ended on Friday, 28 December with the arrest of an illegal alien suspected in the police officer’s murder.

The charged person (he has now been charged with murder), Gustavo Perez Arriaga was attempting to flee to Mexico in order to escape justice.  How do we know this?  Call up a map of California on your computer.  The officer was slain in the town of Newman, and the (suspected) person responsible for the slaying was captured by the police in Bakersfield, CA.  You can clearly see for yourself his geographic progress as a fugitive.

There are many cases of illegal aliens, who should not be in this country, committing violent crimes (murders, rapes, assaults) in one state, and then fleeing justice by returning to Mexico or to Central America, and then later surfacing again in another state (after having re-entered the US again illegally) and committing another violent crime there.  That is the reality and the cost of having open or porous borders in today’s world.

my thoughts

So-called “sanctuary cities” and “sanctuary states” are costing innocent American lives, and shattering American families.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff, Adam Christianson, made many insightful remarks during the various public press conferences in the days immediately following the slaying of Officer Singh.  He correctly points out that by tying the hands of local law enforcement with state laws (in this case, state laws in California coming down from on high in Sacramento) that prohibit communication and cooperation with federal immigration enforcement personnel, our communities here in the US are put at risk, and are less safe than these could and should be.  We have here a classic example of how the Left, despite its propaganda and bald-faced lies, does not care about nor value innocent human life.  The Left’s agenda has always been about acquiring power – and this has been true wherever the Left has acted throughout the world.  The fact that there are many innocent human casualties along the way matters not to those true believers of the Left.  (Here, the Leftist drive for power entails resisting calls for greater border security, and the push to grant amnesty and then citizenship to illegals in the knowledge that they will vote for the Leftist party.  In fact, without requiring identification to vote in many states, the illegal aliens are already voting in US elections.)

(It needs to pointed out here, as well, that the true believer in Leftist orthodoxy will forever double down again and again on failed policies mistakenly believing that eventually things will improve and the destructive and unworkable Leftist policies will eventually yield positive, constructive results.  A sane and rational person would step back and say “I have been going down the wrong path, and I need to go back and take another path.”  Not so for the die hard Leftist.  The dogma must be true and correct, real world experience to the contrary be damned!  The failed policy here is allowing in to the country large numbers of people who are largely unable and/or unwilling to assimilate to and productively contribute to what is left of American society and culture.  The gang bangers, and the drug dealers, and those who are trafficking girls and young women for prostitution are not coming to the US to abide by the nation’s laws.)

Secure borders are a critically important facet or dimension of national security.  Rather than spending countless hundreds of billions (or trillions) of dollars on wars in the Middle East that benefit Israel, the US government ought to direct more funds (resources) at securing our borders and our coasts.  Hell, they built a wall in north China thousands of years ago to keep the barbarians out.  We can build one now.  (Recent archeological research has shown evidence of even earlier walls in sections of the current Great Wall.  The Chinese may have first been building earthen walls to keep the marauding nomadic tribes out of their country more than 27 centuries ago.)

Nancy Pelosi, now the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, instructs the American people that the border wall is “immoral”.  Please Ms. Pelosi do not play at being moral arbiter for the American people.  You are rabidly pro-abortion and pro-homosexual.  And, many Americans believe those things to be immoral.  (Personally, I do not want to be lectured to by Nancy Pelosi.  She is no more competent to speak to issues of morality than Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is.  (Ginsburg is a radical, social revolutionary with a deep-rooted antipathy towards the original intent in the various articles of the US Constitution.  She is also the poster child for limiting the tenure of jurists.))

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  1. Good post, but I must add: The average lefty minion is either an idiot or a virtue snivelling coward, but the people who lead the left (mainly Jews) know exactly what they are doing. They know that mass immigration plus a welfare state is a recipe for Idiocracy. Their goal is a worldwide financial dictatorship ruling a worldwide favela full of human livestock selectively bred for short-term thinking and a total lack of any moral principles. Such people are the perfect citizens of the NWO. They will always vote commie. Governments will be infinitely corruptible, and nobody will care as long as they get a few scraps. Millions of children will disappear, and nobody will do anything. Most people will be too stupid to figure out who their real enemies are, let alone organize against them. This is the future the Left fights for: Eternal dominaton by satan-worshipping pedophile oligarchs!

    1. Thanks morpheus for your comment.

      The same thing is happening in Europe. I will include a link at the end of this comment to a good blog that covers issues of concern to ethnic Europeans.

      The people, or perhaps I may say sheeple, are dumb downed by the schools and are drugged and narcotized by all the prescription meds that are as dangerous as the illegal drugs we are awash in here in the US. The situation is pretty bad to be sure. And, yes, you are quite correct that we are all to be serfs on a global plantation that serves the damn Jews who are the puppet masters and the overlords. This is not “anti-Semitism”, but rather the ugly reality we are confronted with.

      Here is the link:

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