intimacy links for Christian wives

Today, we share 2 links that can be of help to Christian wives who are struggling with sexual intimacy issues in their marriage.  Consider these linked articles as resources for your marriage.

Often misunderstood, and thought of poorly by some, oral sex within a loving marriage is about connection, and as a supplement to intercourse, it can enhance the shared emotional intimacy during a couple’s lovemaking.

Within the covenant of marriage and the exclusivity of your sexual love for your spouse, you are free to expand the expression of your sexual love to include oral sex.  Within a loving marriage, oral sex involves mutual and shared vulnerability, acceptance and respect.

Longtime Christian marriage and sex blogger, Julie Sibert, has recently posted an excellent essay that addresses many concerns wives have about lovingly giving oral sex to their husband.  Julie correctly points out that it is the context of this act that is so very important.  She approaches the topic with reason and presents a mature treatment of it.

Click on this link to be taken to the article:

oral sex and the Christian wives who love giving it

From another Christian marriage blogger, Ruth Buezis of Awaken Love, we have this thoughtful essay from this past October.  There are many helpful reader comments from both wives and husbands at the end of this post.

Click on this link to be taken to the article:

learning to like giving your husband oral sex

Feel free to pass on these links to your spouse as these may help to stimulate open and honest communication with your spouse about your shared sexual intimacy.

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