The Mandala Enthusiast

Here are some nice images of the artistry of mandalas. Enjoy.

Treasure Troves of Priya

Art has no age and I only became a self-taught artist after hitting the big 3! From doodling I slowly moved my way to being captivated by the world of Mandalas…

The beauty of creating Mandalas is that there is no right or wrong… make a mistake and there countless ways of rectifying it through your own creativity!

To me, Mandalas are like DNA- No one work can look exactly the same as the other and that’s how I want my gallery of Mandalas to grow… still working on it!

Here are some of my works!

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  1. Larry, are you aware that mandalas are a form of eastern religious meditation? That these things open the mind and spirit to devils? I looked up their origins, and learned this… 😬 Granted, they are beautiful, but so are some of the most venomous snakes on earth…

    1. Canadian Wildflower,

      Yes, i am aware that mandalas are used in eastern religions and meditation practices. And, yes, demons and evil spirits exist, but we must be careful here, and not be so quick to condemn the use of mandalas by Easterners. We are all tempted and attacked at times by evil forces, but we can resist if we choose to. Do not class mandala art work with say, the ouija board.

      1. Larry, we can resist evil successfully only by the power of the Holy Ghost in us, but if we deliberately use practices of other religions that expose us to evil, can we even dare to hope that we can resist? This is where we need to be very careful. We need to reject everything that the Lord would condemn, and then we will have the power to resist the devil.

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