The social kingship of Christ, and the Jewish problem for authentic Christians

Curiously, in the US, many millions of Christians unquestioningly support all things related to Jews and to Israel, even sending money to various “charities” that direct their contributions to Israel and/or to “poor” Jews (such as the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, which only benefits Jews, and “Chosen People Ministries”).  Yet, most of these same Christians, who are concerned with various moral and social issues, and hold to traditional Christian positions on these “controversial” hot button issues of today (such as abortion (in all its forms), homosexuality, so-called “gay” or same sex marriage, godless morally nihilistic hedonism (including rampant sexual activity outside of marriage), etc.), fail to see that the Jews are diametrically opposed to their Christian views and actively work to undermine our traditional Christian morals in society.  (We, and other authors and bloggers, have addressed this issue before.  Revolutionary Jews are driven to remake societies around the globe to be what they think these societies should be like.)

The Jewish problem (and it is a very real, pressing problem) for Christians has to do with the social kingship of Christ.

Are those who claim to be Christian being good, authentic Christians merely by repeating the mantra “Jesus is my personal lord and savior”, and then living the same as the pagans do?  (This was one of Nietzsche’s complaints against the Christians of his day (the late 1800s in Europe).)  We can call these folks the comfortable Christians.  Nothing other than reading the Bible for five minutes every other day and attending services at a local church now and then (with a few dollars thrown into the collection plate, and some fellowship) is required of them.

To be authentic Christians, people must share the Gospel and work for the promotion and propagation of Christian principles in society.  Christ’s teachings and laws must be informing and guiding the society’s lawmakers, and must be reflected in the society’s norms and customs.  The civil  government in a Christian country must respect traditional Christian moral precepts, and not work to destroy or subvert these (as has been the case in the US for the past several decades).  Authentic Christians must fight against the terrible moral evils and injustices of the day.  If such Christians are ambivalent (or apathetic) towards, or indifferent to, or, as so many are (sorry to say) in favor of these evils, then they are not authentic Christians.  They are frauds, self-deceivers, and hypocrites.  (Sadly, we now allow any pressure group to scream for its “rights” to do whatever it pleases to do.  We, in the US, have forgotten where our true rights come from – from God, and not from revolutionary activists in the courts or in the other branches of government.)

Here is a brief score card or recap of the past several decades to ponder.  (Readers: if you do not want to read this long litany of Jewish culpability and villainy, then scroll down several paragraphs and begin reading again in the next section.)

“Blessed are the peacemakers” is one of the beatitudes from Christ’s Sermon on The Mount.  Yet, Zionized Christians fully support destructive US wars for Israel in the Middle East.  The 2 Gulf Wars led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands Iraqi civilians, not to mention many birth defects and cancers from the “depleted” uranium munitions that the US military now routinely uses in combat operations.  Bear in mind as well that the proxy war in Syria these past 8 years has caused untold suffering and mass exodus of refugees to Europe, but we are told that “Assad must go” because Israel does not like any strong nationalist leaders in any nearby countries.

The US news media is controlled through ownership by ethnic Jews.  This explains why we get a constant drum beat of propaganda for wars that serve Israeli interests and continually hear of how bad the Iranians and the Palestinians are.

The filth that is produced and promoted as entertainment by Hollywood is the product of Jewish owned and controlled motion picture companies.  Yet, Christians continue to buy this “entertainment” that glorifies violence and sex, and serves to dumb down and demoralize the populace.  Have you not noticed how Christianity and Christian values are frequently trashed, scorned and mocked in these Hollywood productions?  It is by design.  Sexual immorality and depravity are often normalized in these films.  And, the traditional family is also frequently attacked, albeit at times, in subtle ways.

Jewish pressure groups constantly work to undermine and destroy our social cohesion and Christian morality in this country (AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, etc.)  The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is now listing various Christian organizations (including pro-life groups) as “hate’ groups.  (See this article.)  I pointed this Jewish problem out by letter to Concerned Women of America (CWA) last year as one of their 7 points of mission is to support Israel.  CWA publicly opposes pornography, but the Jewish promotion and distribution of pornography has been documented by various authors and bloggers.  This is not the only issue where CWA’s support of Israel, and of Jews generally, is effectively working at cross purposes to its other stated mission purposes.

All the moral evils that Western societies are plagued by today are promoted by ethnic Jews, and even some “religious” Jews.  We must remark here that the Jew taboo, the taboo against calling out Jews for their nefarious actions for fear of being attacked as an “anti-Semite” has been effective in silencing many voices that need to speak out.  As well, when culpable Jews are called out as the villains by both Christians and by the few decent, principled Jews among us, they are not identified as Jews, but as all other terms you can think of: leftists, liberals, progressives, communists, globalists, elitists, etc.  Yet, all these movements are, and have been led by ethnic Jews.  (Consider this terribly abridged list of Jews in high places that have worked to de-Christianize America while trampling upon our true Constitutional rights: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Charles Schumer, Steven Spielberg, Harvey Weinstein (and his brother), George Soros, Tom Steyer (half Jewish), Gloria Steinem (half Jewish), Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Abbe Hoffman, Allen Ginsberg, Saul Alinsky, Alan Dershowitz, Gloria Allred, Bernard Nathanson (prior to his conversion to Christianity), etc.)

As well, let us not overlook that atheistic communism, or if you prefer, Bolshevism, in Russia killed at least 60 million Christian Slavs and was the product of both Jewish thinking and of the Jewish revolutionaries that seized power in Russia (the actual killers were mostly Jews, too, thus Jews ordered mass murders and liquidations, and other ethnic Jews did the killings – look up Genrikh Yagoda for but one example).  Many Jewish revolutionaries went by other non-Jewish sounding names such as Trotsky and Kamenev.  Do some research on your own – it will surprise you what you uncover.  For brevity’s sake, I will not give a lengthy list here of Jewish revolutionaries in Russia, but will say that Bela Kun (Cohn) in Hungary had his Jewish henchmen murder many thousands in Hungary in 1919 until the Hungarians rose up en masse to end that hellish nightmare.

The so-called sexual revolution of the 1960s was in no small part the product of the Institute for Social Research founded by and staffed by atheistic, morally depraved, social revolutionary, ethnic Jews.  The institute is more widely known as The Frankfurt School.  (The founding Jews had to leave Germany in 1933, and they settled in that very large Jewish city in the US, New York.)


some points for Christians to consider

But you say to me that these are examples of Jews who were non-Jewish Jews, not religious Jews at all, and we must recognize the difference.

Here is my response:

Zionized Christians look to the verse in Genesis (which the Jewish fundraisers throw at you frequently) that tells us “I will bless all who bless you.” (paraphrasing from memory here)  God is speaking about the ancient Hebrews (at least allegedly, given the Septuagint translation of the OT into Greek before the birth of Christ done by the 70 Jewish scribes in Alexandria (hence the name of the translation), can we really be sure this is correct?).

As well, that champion promoter of Israel and of all Jews past, present and future, Pastor Hagee cites a single New Testament verse (I think it is from John) that says “Salvation is of the Jews.”

The extreme emphasis placed on the above 2 Scripture verses with their current interpretations ignores or denies the fact that today’s “Jews” are either atheists or adherents of the Talmud (which is a vilely anti-Christ, anti-Christian collection of rabbinic “wisdom”), and they are not Torah Jews.  The fact is that Christianity did not grow out of what modern Judaism (Talmudism) is.  (That is why I choose not to use the word “Judeo-Christian” as it is not accurate and is in fact quite misleading.)

So, salvation is from these Jews of today?  Really?  I think not.  Not from an honest, rational, objective Christian perspective.  When you consciously choose to support the Jews and their organizations, you are aiding the very people who continue to wage war on Christian civilization.  (I have already addressed the end-times eschatology of today’s Protestantism in the US, and the “Rapture” on this blog.  So, I will not do so here again.  Let me just say briefly that Christians are not called to help to move God along in His timetable for bringing the end of the world to pass, but rather they are commanded to go and spread the Gospel to all nations.)

Let us Christians, of all denominations around the world, use our God-given reasoning abilities to a constructive purpose, and recognize the unpleasant truth that the Jews are no friends to Christianity or to Christians.  They resist evangelization, and that is their choice.  Christians need to actively resist and counter the continuing Jewish attacks on Christianity and Christian morals.



some relevant and important thoughts from a Catholic author

E. Michael Jones is a Catholic author and speaker who has written several books, some of which address this Jewish problem and the need for an effective Christian understanding of the problem, and an effective response to it.

Last summer, I read his short book, Catholics and the Jew Taboo (2018, Fidelity Press, available on  In this book, Jones makes various important points, but I would like to note 2 that are of especial interest to us here in this essay.  First, Jones quotes from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War (on page 12) to inform us that we if we do not know our enemy, we cannot succeed in battle.  We have to recognize the Jews with their continuing behavior (actions and schemes) as our enemy.  There is no way to sugar coat this fact.

Second, Jones points out that in the past 53 years*, the Catholic Church has lost every single battle on an important moral issue (you name the moral issue, the Catholic Church’s positions have been defeated in the public square, that is, alas, a fact).  Unless and until the Catholic Church dares to break the Jew Taboo and identify and accept that the Jews are enemies of Christian morality and values, it cannot hope to win or gain ground on any of the important moral and social issues or our times.  (*This has to do with the very destructive changes in the Catholic Church that occurred with the disastrous Second Vatican Council, 1962-5, one of which was the Church changing its view of, and approach to the Jews.)

Sadly, Catholics today, much like the Apostles in the days after the Crucifixion, cower “in fear of the Jews”: in fear of offending the Jews or provoking their wrath, and/or of being smeared and defamed with the “anti-Semitism” canard.  This has to change, and change soon.

final thoughts

The sad fact is that Zionized Christians, and those Christians not working for the social kingship of Christ are counterfeit or “fake” Christians.  The Jews, who work tirelessly to destroy Christianity, have benefited greatly from so many useful idiots (Lenin’s term).  This may seem harsh, but I will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

That is the way I see it.  Why cannot more self-identifying Christians see the Jewish problem?  Is it because they do not want to face up to this very unpleasant reality, this painfully inconvenient truth?

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  1. Great essay, Larry. I’m sending this to email readers. I should say recipients, not sure if most of them read anything from me!

    I regard this general lack of awareness among Christians about the Jews as THE biggest problem of our day. Thank you for shedding some much-needed light on this subject.

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment. It is a frustratingly slow process to be sure, but more folks are waking up to this undeniable reality. Herve Ryssen and E. Michael Jones are among the authors that tackle this issue. But, there are several bloggers that also address this. Ron Unz, who is an ethnic Jew, has addressed various facets of the Jewish problem.

  2. WOW, that is all I can say is “WOW”. It is this kind of hatred and bigotry that causes the problems that exist when you try to turn what, in your opinion, are “fake” Christians against Jews. How many Jews do you actually know and have socialized with? How many Jews have you ever worked for? How many sincere discussions have you ever had with a Jew (religious or not)? How much time have you spent reading the Torah, the Talmud, and all the other massive amounts of books we use to see what and why we think and believe as we do? How much do you know about the differences between the Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Jews?” How many times do you believe every negative word you see or read about Jews? How many times has it ever entered your head that what you read or see was written or promoted by their hatred for Jews or do you just take all of that as truth?

    Why do you think you are an expert on who is and isn’t a sincere Christian? Food for thought – did you ever think that maybe if Christianity has “fake/bad” people that perhaps there are “fake/bad” Jews and in both cases it is more of the exception rather than the rule.

    In my 80 years of life I have never heard a Jew talk about a Christian or any of the Creator’s creations with so much venom. Quite the opposite because it would go against our beliefs.

    I’ve really appreciated your kind words or likes on my blog (which surprises me that you’ve been so kind knowing that I am a Jew because we talked about it before), and I’ve enjoyed so many articles on yours, and as much as you may hate to hear this, me (the Jew) and you are not all that different when it comes to the subjects that we write about or have an interest in. I know that you are very smart and ponder on many subjects because of the types of articles you write, but just remember “if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem”, and spreading hatred and bigotry goes to the “problem”.

    1. Apparently, richeyjo, you and I do not live in the same reality. On this topic, I base my views not primarily on what I have read, but what I have seen, and experienced in my years of living in the USA. Having listened to Christian Zionists make their arguments and assertions, I can safely conclude they are sorely mistaken and are, by being so infatuated (really obsessed) with the Jews, working at cross purposes as I noted in the post above. I became “Jew-wise” or “Jew-aware” over the years of my adult life based again on my experiences in the real world and on things that I saw and heard. It was only later that I began to take note of, and study the writings of other observant and concerned citizens from many different walks of life who had come to the same or similar conclusions as I had, and had done more rigorous research and documented the Jewish schemes and villainy.

      It is quite difficult to confront having been lied to for all of your adult life. I get that. But, you ought to come out of your state of denial, and confront the unpleasant truth. You ask how many Jews have I interacted with in my life? Quite a few. By the way, when decent Jews criticize the same things that I do about the Jews, they get smeared as being “self-hating Jews”. Yes, I do know some things about the differences in the various sects of Jewry, but I also see the common behavior of the Jews (the religious and also the atheist Jews) in asserting and serving their interests (collective interests of the Jews) at the expense of the rest of us. This is Jewish supremacism. It is a zero sum game (win-lose) with the Jews vis-a-vis the goyim (literally means cattle). Are you aware of the vile verses of the Talmud that say things about Christ that I will not repeat here for these so very offensive?! Perhaps, richejo, the more apropos question is: how well do you truly know the Jews?

      In the Talmud, the Jews are basically taught a bifurcated set of ethics, or 2 sets of ethics. It is wrong to murder, rob, rape, cheat, lie about another Jew. But, it is not wrong to do the same actions to a non-Jew. There are many verses in the Talmud that say that. Were you aware of that? Decent Jews, who are intimately familiar and well versed in the Talmud, have written about this. As you are concerned with the life issues, I call to your attention that the late Bernard Nathanson tells us that getting abortion legalized and normalized in our society was a major Jewish goal and project (one in which he was a major player before his conversion to Catholicism many years later).

      It is not hate that motivates my criticism of the Jews and their actions. Their crimes and outrages cry out to Heaven for justice. We muse expose the wicked deeds of the enemies of the social kingship of Christ.

    2. Richiejo,

      Are you familiar with the video documentary “Occupation 101”? This is a quite powerful expose of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. You can watch it YouTube here:
      There are quite a few Jewish critics of Zionist Israeli policies in this video. I am curious as to whether you would be one of those yourself, since these policies seem to significantly conflict with what the Torah teaches.
      As for myself, my problem with “the Jews” mostly centers around the efforts of mostly Marxist Jews to socially engineer our existing, mostly Christian societies. They are no longer effectively Christian because of this pernicious Jewish influence. ACLU Jews took Christian prayer out of our public schools. Jews promoted racial integration and open immigration in the 1960’s, both of which, while they seemed like a good idea at the time (I marched for Civil Rights in Birmingham, Alabama), I firmly believe that now, in hindsight, these actions have proven to be disastrous. To mention nothing of the gratuitous sex and violence we see coming out of Jewish Hollywood constantly – just how is this making our nation better? Do you actually think it is? What about the Jewish promotion of homosexuality and transgender rights? Jews attack Christian bakers who refuse to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. Is this fair? There are plenty of bakers who would comply, but only Christian ones get targeted, and have to cough up huge fines and lose their businesses. All because they are forced to do something that violates their religious beliefs. Strangely, these Christians are actually abiding by the Torah, which you know damn good and well condemns homosexuality. But Jews are the ones foisting this on Christians. Explain that to me, if you can.
      Jews promoted the abortion, usury (which the Torah forbids), war (which cost over 100 million Christian lives in the 20th century alone), and Communist revolution, which took an equal number of Christian lives in the 20th century.
      It ultimately boils down to “What is there NOT to hate about what Jews have done to Christian society”, when all is said and done? How would you like it if some outside group came in and tampered with the customs of Jewish people? I strongly suspect that you wouldn’t like it at all, nor would I blame you for that! So why do you seem so mystified by our response to Jewish “social engineering”?
      The greatest thing I ever learned was the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s a very simple, beautiful rule, which works wonderfully in real life. But most Jews seem to have no appreciation for it. Which I believe, works to their own detriment, to say nothing of the rest of us.

      1. Other bloggers have noted time and again that the Jews promote immigration and open borders in both Europe (where there is now push back against this in several countries, most notably, Italy, Hungary and Austria) and here in the US, but Israel does not want to take in non-Jews or even any more Ethiopian Jews (who are discriminated against in Israel). Diversity for all others, but not for Jews. The Jews want to maintain their culture and customs and identity while exhorting the rest of us for diversity and so-called multiculturalism, which really is no cohesive culture at all.

        It appears that richeyjo has been victimized, as we all have, by the narrative that we have all been fed for the past several decades in the US. The Jew can never be the victimizer or the villain, only the poor, persecuted, innocent victim. Richeyjo is a sincere and concerned citizen, and I think a Christian (from her blog site). I am not attacking her, but am only responding to her comment that mischaracterized our post above.

      2. Here is yet another aspect of Jews that is perhaps the most pernicious of them all – their absolute total control of banking and the financial sector. We have a supposedly booming economy, but in reality it’s only booming for the Jews. Jews own half of the money in the top 1%, while student loan debt is topping $1.5 trillion. Banks decline to lend to a new M.D. for a $350K house, due to his sizable student loan debt. Read about it at
        How can anyone, Jew or non-Jew, not condemn this insatiable greed of select Jewish bankers? This is eventually going to destroy our entire economy.

      3. Yes, Stephen, the economy serves the bankers, and we are all, or most of us, debt slaves to the system of usury. It is no coincidence that the banking industry and the phony Federal Reserve are controlled in large measure by ethnic Jews. Per the Talmud, and per Jewish supremacism, the goyim are only good for serving the Jews and their interests. (Logging off now for the day.)

      4. This response is for both you and Larry.

        Occupation 101 was produced and directed by Sufyan Omeish and Abdallah Omeish, two Jewish hating Arabs. If I were to watch this documentary without any experience in Judaism or the middle east, or what the Torah says, I too would end up believing the one sided story. Interesting that they don’t speak of all the Arabs that live and own businesses in Israel and have no problem getting along with Jews. It doesn’t say how people from around the world can come to Jerusalem, the home of the three major religions to honor their beliefs, which if under Arab control no one would be able to walk the path of Christ, or see where the first and second Temple was, because it would be like Mecca, a place where no one is allowed unless they follow Islam, and would be killed. They also didn’t talk about the fear and psychological problems that small Jewish children have because they can’t go to a playground to play because they have to be in small quarters to get inside a bomb shelter within 2 seconds of the sirens going off, which is almost a daily happening, or using gas masks that the government had to provide to all residents, or the fear to be pushed into a small bombproof shelter even inside the smallest of apartments. They also didn’t talk about the lifelong payments made by Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran to the family of anyone that is killed while killing a Jew, be it a man, woman, or child. They also didn’t talk about how the land that Arabs live on that is now a war torn area was once a beautiful and active agricultural area when it was first given to the Arabs, but once they got their hands on the land they started building their tunnels to kill innocent Jews, they use their own men, women and children as civilian human shields and shoot their rockets from hospitals, schools, and residential areas not caring if their own people get killed as long as one of the rockets will hopefully kill just one single Jew, but then people like you think we don’t have a right to respond. If you know our middle east history then you should know that Israel typically doesn’t act, it responds. Nor did they show how little children as young as 5 or even younger are taught hatred and how to shoot and kill Jews. Why don’t you watch those documentaries made by the Imams and other Arabs admitting to all of this?

        Give me a break, the ACLU is a joke and although Jews love the arts and have always been active in writing, art, music, and film, they sure don’t write all the horrible movies full of porn, violence, and hate, and most actors/actresses/singers aren’t Jewish, so put the blame on everyone else that contributes to the trash put out today, and not just on us. You know the ones I’m talking about, the moral, ethical, people of high values that walk in marches dressed as vaginas, want to take away our guns but have gun carrying security guards around them, and high security fences around their homes but call us names if we want to secure our borders, and those that fly in private planes and tell us to walk or ride bikes so we don’t have a big carbon footprint.

        You talk about the Marxist Jews but tell me how one faction out of all three factions of the Jews (Reform) are any different than the radical/liberal/ progressives and democratic party, most of which love to use the fact that they are Christian for photo ops, when their actions and voting records show the contrary and everyone that differs with them are called irredeemable deplorable, bible thumping, gun toting racists and any word that ends with “phobic”,

        Religious Jews do not believe in homosexuality or transgenderism, and abortion was not promoted by Jews but by Margaret Higgins Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood who’s family actually started out as Catholics and then became atheists, and in case you are not aware of it, The Jewish Pro-Life group is very active and believe me we call out any Reform Rabbi that participates with Planned Parenthood. I personally belong to the Jewish Pro-Life group and am on the Board of Directors of our local Pro-Life group which mostly is Catholic with a couple Lutherans. You see, my Jewish and my Christian groups don’t see one another as Christians and Jews, we see each other as people who are fighting the same fight and want to join together.

        Cake baking. Actually there is a good chance that the reason non Jewish bakers have been in the center of the storm (which I side with the bakers, but then I believe in freedom of religion and was raised to respect all religions) it may be because the percentage of Reform Jews might not be as great as non-Jewish homosexuals because most Jews are not Reform and if they are not religious most likely wouldn’t scout out a Jewish bakery.

        The Torah does in fact allow for war when needed but does set out rules for doing everything possible as to not kill innocent civilians.

        As far as racial integration in the 60s, I lived in Tupelo, Mississippi during that horrible time when blacks were still being hung from local trees, the KKK wizard of the Green Klan (or whatever it was called) owned a business that played loud amplified music on the 50 reasons to join the Klan, and his delivery truck was covered with the same 50 reasons in big black letters, who was involved in various murders, etc., and everyone should have fought to help what was going on in the south. It was barbaric to see how the blacks were treated and I saw it all. There was no good, but just a lot of bad and ugly, so if we stood up for the black community than I am very proud of that and would do it again, just like I side and stand up for anyone I see being disrespected and abused.

        We are socially engineering Christians! Take a good look at the democratic and progressive party and the push for socialism, and their forcing taxpayer abortions, stripping us of our (and I am not just talking about Jews here, I’m talking about everyone that is not a democrat/liberal/marxist/progressive) freedom of speech via having to be politically correct even if it means telling lies instead of truths, (wars are wars and not theaters, and enemies are enemies and not bad actors), and facing violence by Antifa and Black Lives Matters, or intimidated at restaurants, theaters, etc., or forcing a mandatory tax to buy something we don’t want like Obamacare, or taking taxpayer dollars to support illegal immigrants from all over the world crossing our border so they can get redistricting to gain more electoral votes and hopefully votes for their party. Jews do not believe in proselytizing, in fact to even convert for any reason the Rabbis will turn a person down three times before finally granting permission because they always have fought and always will fight for freedom of religion, so why would they even want to social engineer non Jews?

        You ask “How would you like it if some outside group came in and tampered with the customs of Jewish people?” Aren’t you and Larry and others like you doing just that? Were the group of young boys who attacked my granddaughter when she was 15 years old and walking down the school hall in the 9th grade and holding her books in front of her, forced a picture between her and her books of a dead Jewish woman stabbed to death and bleeding doing that and should I hate or distrust all teenage and Christian boys because of that? Aren’t you the ones who want to clump all Jews into one category while not seeing that no races or religions should be swiped with one broad stroke, because there is good and bad in all and in the end there is only one Creator and He created all of us equally and like it or not, we are connected. The problem with the Jews and Arabs are not the everyday people, who I believe are no different than anyone else. They just want to wake up in the morning, be loved and love, be healthy, happy, and take care of their families. The problem was and has always been the PLO which has been taken over by Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. The Innocent Arabs have no control over their leadership and the Imams any more than we have over the democrat and republican establishments, both of which to me are the same thing and are just in bed with one another and large corporations.

  3. Here is something else to consider: Jewish elites are pushing for war with Iran, because Iran is their main competitor in the U.S. pistachio market! (I’m sure there are other reasons too). Also Jew Richard Sackler has killed 72,000 Americans (almost all of them white Christians) by flooding rural areas of America with opioids.

    None of this, of course is mentioned in Jewish-owned mainstream media, which is why the majority of Americans continue to deny that Jews are the problem here, there, and everywhere else.

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment. The MSM in the US is controlled by Jews, and thus they control the narrative, what gets printed or aired on television and radio, and what news stories or accounts get buried and do not see the light of day. The Internet is the current battleground with the Jewish pressure groups pushing for greater restriction on free speech, open inquiry and free discussion of all ideas and perspective. It appears, as the Slavic blogger, Andrea says, to be a matter of “what is good for Jews is good. And, what is bad for Jews is bad.” If a person is critical of the Jews, they are haters or are spreading hate speech and/or are “anti-Semitic”. It is enough to make an honest chap sick.

    2. Wrong again. I certainly am not an elite and although I do not like war, the biggest mistake George Bush did was to attack Iraq because the enemy was never really Iraq, it was Iran. To kill a snake you have to cut off its head, and the head of the snake is and will remain alive and well and the real enemy. Iran has always sponsored the terrorism around the globe and Iraq was just led by Iran. For whatever reason you think that the Jewish elites want a war because of some kind of competition is ridiculous. If your reasoning is correct then why after all these centuries has Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia become allies with Israel and the United States against Iran? The reason is that they know how dangerous Iran is and the crazy notion that if they can create chaos and/or a caliphate they can force the 12th Imam to return and then they can get their ridiculous 72 virgins, and these countries finally realize Iran and the Imams are crazy enough to use a nuclear weapon to do it and no one wants to see that happen, except maybe for Obama.

      In case you have missed the news lately, the majority of the opioids come across our southern border through the cartels.

      I don’t know if I should be complimented or disgruntled because you guys give us Jews so much credit in everything, so I’ll take that as a compliment that both of you think we are so smart that we have found a way to control everything.

      1. I do not like this bait and switch approach. Jews who do outrageous things are dis-owned as being “non-Jewish” Jews, eh? it is a little ironic because that is the same type of ploy that Israelis cannot stand (and reject) as when the Palestinians of the PLO claim it is a splinter group that plants bombs and commits other violent attacks against Israelis. (So, why does Israel strike at us when it is a splinter group and not us?)

        The Jews do have way too disproportionate an influence over Western nations, and they actively work to change those Western nations’ cultures. I guess that is their customs and way of life, and their mission (to alter host societies around the globe). Thus, concerned citizens who oppose this altering of their cultures and societies by Jews are actually attempting to alter Jewish customs. Is that it?

      2. Sorry but I’m not going to play your game and waste my time on someone who is too closed minded and not open to respecting other beliefs or opinions.

      3. Sorry to see you go . . . This discussion is not about respecting others’ beliefs or opinions. My posts are about what conclusions I have reached based on real world facts. This is about confronting unpleasant and inconvenient facts, important facts.

        In the US, we have a historical narrative of the 20th century that is largely propaganda. See our earlier post: The Bad War and related thoughts. We cannot even examine all the facts about very important worldwide events in recent history because of a. we do not know these facts as these are buried or covered over, and b. we are not permitted to ask questions the answers to which may disclose Jewish villainy. We are not permitted to ask questions because of the Jew taboo, and the smear of “anti-Semitism” being thrown at us. Thus, we have an abridged or truncated understanding of historical events that is incorrect. Yes, the Jews control most major publishing houses. That is a fact, and it explains why authors whose research raises inconvenient questions and uncovers inconvenient (to the Jews) evidence have to seek out small, independent book printers to get their works into print.

        The justification for the state of Israel after World War II was based on this “ancestral homeland” fiction and the holocaust fable. The Ashkenazim are not descendants of the ancient Israelites. And, despite the intensely emotional and passionate (really fanatical) crusade by organized Jewry against holocaust revivisionists, more people today know that the holocaust has been the most monstrous lie and one of the biggest swindles in all of human history. Enough said (enough typed).

        No, let me add one more point that Herve Ryssen, the author of many works on the Jews, gives us: the Jewish participation in and leadership of the most harmful, violent and destructive organized crime syndicates in the 20th century. Just recently, Jews fled from France and Belgium to Israel (where there is no extradition of Jews) because they were caught in an illegal and fraudulent scam that bilked small business owners out of millions of Euros.

        My final remark here is a question: If Jews are so decent and ethical, why cannot more of them condemn their ethnic brethren for their crimes and outrages? And, merely because one in a thousand Jews will actually do so is not sufficient. And, daring to ask such questions does not make one “anti-Semitic”. (See our post from March, 2018 on how “anti-Semitism” is used.)

      4. Richeyjo,

        I just now noticed your reply, so I am a bit late in responding here. Btw, you can call me Stephen, it sounds better than ‘you’ or ‘scsmith2’. Lol

        This discussion covers a wide range of topics. Although I would eventually like to address each of them, I’d rather stay focused on one topic at a time. So allow me to respond to your first paragraph, regarding the documentary “Occupation 101”.

        You say this video was produced and directed by “two Jewish hating Arabs.” If these Arabs hated Jews as much as you claim, then why would at least 50% of the people they interviewed be Jews? A number of Jewish human rights activists were interviewed, as well as two Jewish rabbis (one male and one female). I’m not sure about Richard Falk, but Noam Chomsky is definitely Jewish, and has been an outspoken critic of Israel for a long time. Why would these Jews even appear in this film, if these Arabs hated all Jews?

        Just because Mecca is a forbidden city to non-Muslims, doesn’t mean that Jews allowing Christians to come to Jerusalem is a sign of tolerance and open-mindedness. I can show you a number of short videos on YouTube that show Israeli Jews openly mocking, harassing, and generally intimidating Christians who visit Israel, especially the ones that come there to proselytize.

        “Occupation 101” mentions that Israel has over 1,000 heavily-armored tanks, and over 1,000 F-16 fighter aircraft, both of which can and do launch bombs and rockets at Palestinians in Gaza, many of them women and children. The Palestinians have ZERO tanks and fighter aircraft. There are videos of Israeli jets dropping phosphorous bombs on Gazans. This is a war crime. White phosphorous will burn right through bones. Many of the rockets launched from Gaza end up being harmless smoke bombs that land in rural, less populated areas. I’m not saying that Israelis haven’t been killed by some of these, but the vast majority of those killed are Palestinians. Also, over 12,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967, to make way for new Jewish settlements. ZERO Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians. Not only are these Palestinians forced out of their homes, but they aren’t even compensated for their loss!

        “They also didn’t talk about the lifelong payments made by Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran to the family of anyone that is killed while killing a Jew, be it a man, woman, or child. ”

        This sounds like Zionist propaganda to me. Hamas and Hezbollah aren’t exactly loaded with cash to be able to afford to make such payments. Can you cite a source for this claim?

        “They also didn’t talk about how the land that Arabs live on that is now a war torn area was once a beautiful and active agricultural area when it was first given to the Arabs, but once they got their hands on the land they started building their tunnels to kill innocent Jews…”

        Wait a minute! Are you not aware that as little as 100 years ago, Jews represented only about 2% of the population of Palestine? Jews didn’t “give” ANY land to the Arabs! Arabs have been living in Palestine for over a thousand years! And when Mark Twain visited that area around 1900, he noted that the land the Palestinians owned was quite fertile and productive… beautiful in fact. The truth is Jews stole most of the land they own now in Israel from the Palestinians. This is well-documented and not even open to debate. I can furnish proof of this from Jewish scholars, if need be.

        I’ll never say that nobody has a right to self-defense, or that rockets aimed at Israel were provoked first by Israel. But I find it very suspicious that Hamas would repeatedly launch these rockets first, knowing full well what the Israeli response is going to be. The Israeli response is invariably massive and one-sided. Each time this happens, the Israelis pound Gaza relentlessly for weeks on end, until the death toll reaches about 1,500. Then everything quietens down. This has happened at least three times in the past 15 years or so. I don’t think Palestinians are stupid or suicidal, but it is totally foolish on their part to be initiating these rocket strikes, when the aftermath is always a bloodbath for them. Personally, I believe Israelis could be initiating these rocket attacks on their own, undercover. But I have no way to prove that.

        “If you know our middle east history then you should know that Israel typically doesn’t act, it responds.”

        Jewish terrorists destroyed over 400 Palestinian villages before and shortly after the creation of Israel, completely unprovoked by the Arabs. These villages were leveled to make way for either farmland or new Jewish settlements. The former inhabitants were either driven out to refugee camps or just flat-out killed. As you should know, this is in complete violation of Torah law.

        “Nor did they show how little children as young as 5 or even younger are taught hatred and how to shoot and kill Jews.”

        Actually, nobody needs to TEACH Palestinian children to hate Jews. Israeli soldiers pointing machine guns at them every day provide all the reason they should ever need to hate and fear Jews! DUH!

        And what about these Israeli children signing their missiles “with love”?

        Again, maybe if you Jews would simply dwell on the Christian Golden Rule for a few minutes, it wouldn’t be necessary for me to remind you of it!

        “Why don’t you watch those documentaries made by the Imams and other Arabs admitting to all of this?”

        I am unaware of any such documentaries. Give me an example and I’ll watch it.

        That’s all from me, for now.

  4. I hope that Richeyjo comes back to at least address some of the issues I’ve raised. This is not about one of us being right or wrong. It’s about getting at the truth. From years of looking at this issue, I have seen the truth get wildly distorted, if not turned totally on its head, by the Zionist-owned media and publishing houses. Thank God there are some courageous Jews out there who were willing to come forth and set the record straight about Israel and the Palestinians. But the fact that their voices are still practically unheard by everyday Americans means we’ve still got a lot of work to do, though.

    I really think that if most Americans would take the time to watch “Occupation 101”, that Israel would completely lose all its support from the US government, and a large part of the other insidious influences Jews have on Americans domestic policies would soon disappear. We could finally become a truly free country, perhaps for the first time.

  5. Wow, so many good comments here. I would add this: The Scofield Bible is a Rothschild project. All the notes are based around tricking Christians into fighting for earthly Israel when we are supposed to fight for spiritual Israel. The Rothschilds gave out this Bible below cost to conservative pastors (mainly Baptists) so that earthly Israel would have an army of Goyim stooges to fight its battles against Muslims. In addition, since the antichrist will be based in Israel, I’m sure the synagogue of satan will try dupe as many Christians as possible into fighting on the wrong side of the final battle.

  6. Yes and I’ll be glad when all the fighting has stopped, and the hatred, and the bloodshed. Also, just being a Jew doesn’t “save” you from the cultural perversion going on in this country. For example: there are two Jewish men, well respected in their synagogue I attended a year or so ago….one was nearly 60 and looked it and always had a pocket full of pens for the females to see and acted stupid but thats how the stupid acting ones get what they want…..some things work better for others while the better looking ones they just get what they want by looking good….then they can act stupid to get get what they want later, when they get older and gray headed and fatter. In America, you men seem to be the same (or at least that’s what I’ve found) no matter where I go. So I don’t let the stupid acting ones fool me…..just because they’re Jewish doesn’t mean their innocent. Shalom and have a nice day, Aarona

  7. Oh, have you checked out the new microchip implants in America? The future looks rather bleak for both Jews and Gentiles…..especially since American companies are starting to chip people in their right hands! So we’re pretty much all have to head for the hills in ten years so get ready!

    1. Yes, we heard that story on the news this week. Apparently, there is a company in Wisconsin that is “chipping” their employees now. Arkansas has passed state legislation banning mandatory chipping of employees. The American people are so misled now and ignorant that they will likely queue up for this in coming years, sorry to say.

  8. Pope Pius XI instituted the feast of Christ the King in 1925 to remind Christians that their allegiance was to their spiritual ruler in heaven as opposed to earthly supremacy. Pope Benedict XVI remarked that Christ’s kingship is not based on “human power” but on loving and serving others .

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