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With all the hype about 5G wireless communications, consumers are tone-deaf to the dire health warnings.  See the next 2 linked articles for much needed information.  Click here:

You cannot opt out, you will consent, the legal threats to urgently force the adoption of 5g

And a very lengthy read here, but quite informative (all species of life will be harmed) for those who are rightly concerned:

Stop the 5G Network on Earth and in Space, Devastating Impacts on Health and the Environment

the dangers of the Gardasil HPV vaccine

More cases of deaths and very serious health damage caused by the Gardasil vaccine are being brought to the public’s attention.

court ruling confirms merck’s gardasil hpv vaccine kills people

yellow vests

It seems the Yellow Vests movement has spread outside of Europe now.  From Australia, we have this recent article:

Australian Yellow Vests coming soon to a venue near you

Europe, the EU, globalism versus nationalism

George Soros, with his billions of dollars, exerts much influence over the European Union:

Hungary: Soros Completely Controls European Union

From the Ethnic Europeans’ blog, we share this article that tells a tale of 2 European cities, one happy and satisfied with its national government, and another city that is experiencing upheaval as citizens are most dissatisfied and quite angry with their globalist government.

while Paris burns, Rome celebrates

From the same blog, we share a link to this timely article about the approaching Europe wide elections in May:

The gloves are off for European elections

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) traffics in hate and does not fight hate.  It is a radical group, and we need to work to counter its harmful propaganda and harmful actions.  See this link for an article with links exposing this nefarious organization:

the truth about SPLC


An update of the situation in occupied Tibet:

Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping, The New Buddha On The Tibetan Block

Freedom of speech

Free Speech Monika is the blog of Monika Schaeffer, a Canadian citizen of German ancestry who was jailed in Germany for thought crimes she committed while in Canada!  Some topics are just so taboo that laws are passed forbidding open inquiry and open discussion of them.

letters to friends and family

Planned Parenthood

Contrary to the public relations packaged perception that Planned Parenthood works hard to project, the truth is rather different.

Livonia Planned Parenthood Center

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