thoughts on Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and Black Hebrew Israelites

We now weigh in on some trending, recent news stories and events.



Nancy Pelosi: Did you see the video clip when Nancy Pelosi was given the gavel as the new Speaker of the House of Representatives?  A picture or video clip does paint a thousand words.  It was all about her as she beamed and smirked.  7 decades ago (in 1949), Nancy, that might have been cute when you were 8 or 9 years old and wanted to be the center of attention.  “Aw, a spoiled, ego-centric child in second or third grade, how cute.  Wonder what she’ll be when she grows up?”  The trouble is, Nancy, that you never did grow up and give evidence of a childish, very ego-centric mentality even now as you are nearly an octogenarian.  Your behavior is no longer cute or funny, Nancy.

Kamala Harris:  In early November, 2016, Kamala Harris was elected to the US Senate in California.  I listened to her acceptance/victory speech on the evening of the election.  This was a few hours before the country knew who had won the Presidency in the electoral college.  Ms. Harris gave a fighting speech that evening.  I sensed that she had bigger ambitions, higher goals than a seat in the US Senate.  Thus, I am not surprised that she finally made it official the other day and announced that she is running for President.  Rather than hearing “Obama for America”, we will hear “Kamala for the people”.  If she does win and become the next president, can we expect that she will appoint another Erik Holder type Attorney General?  That would really help race relations – not.  Kamala, we’ll see how identity politics and Leftist ideology plays out in the next Presidential election.  My hunch is that it will be a close election in the electoral college, but there is a good chance she will win.  And, yes, I believe that she will rather easily clear the field of contenders and presidential hopefuls in the Democratic Party.  Note how the elites in the party are already pushing away and marginalizing Bernie Sanders.  The elites have made their choice.

Black Hebrew Israelites: Say what?!  Who are these thuggish fools spewing venomous, inciteful insults and epithets (trash talking) at high school boys that the mainstream media will not report?  These “bruthas” do not look like Ethiopian Jews denied immigration to Israel.  (Ethiopian Jews are discriminated against in Israel.)

The mainstream media and Twitter (which allows threats of violence to be spread across its platform) blew it yet again this past weekend in their selective reporting of what happened in Washington with the high school boys from Kentucky and the Native American “elder”.  Abridged news and half-truths are fake news.  These black men were inciting this tense situation with their hate speech.

Why should we give black thugs a free pass here or anywhere when they are causing problems?  Because we fear that we would be called r-a-c-i-s-t?  Call me racist then because I will write here what the sociologists dare not write.  The principal reason for the black rage and anger in these United States is the same reason for black poverty, black teen pregnancy and abortion, black on black violent crime, black drug abuse, etc.  It is the lack of family formation within the black  community.  (We have noted this before on this blog.)  And, the incomprehensible voting patterns of blacks where they overwhelmingly support the party whose policies have kept blacks down for decades cannot be understood as being rational.

There is something on racism that needs to be said here.  Having dealt with and interacted with black Americans since my childhood and throughout my adult life, I can say that there is a very virulent strain of racism within the black community.  This is not to say that all blacks are racists, but the fact is that many are, and you do not need to listen to rap “music” to recognize this.

The media’s selective and biased coverage of this story is why these kids and their school in Kentucky are now receiving threats of violence.  Kentucky authorities are looking to prosecute those who are making and/or enabling such threats and incitement to violence, as well they should.

Why did various public figures and the media give us this distorted story and the incitement to violence?

For them it was three-fer (3-fer).  No, it was actually a four-in-one!!  The white, Catholic school boys, who had just come from a pro-life march were wearing Make America Great Again hats.  Do I need to connect the dots for you?  This story as it was spread far and wide was meant to indict and make look bad: whites, Catholics, pro-life individuals, and Trump and those who support him.  (Anti-Catholic bigotry is widespread in the US, especially in the mainstream media.)  BTW, the Native American elder with the drum did not actually serve in Vietnam as he is now correctly identified as a “Vietnam era” veteran.  He was not in harm’s way, not in battle.

All I can conclude about these bullying, street thug tactics of the Left here in the US (which is beginning to resemble Weimar Germany in some respects) is that the Left and their useful idiot street thugs are sowing the wind, and they may yet reap the whirlwind down the road some years from now.  Now, readers, that is not an incitement to violence on my part, but rather a cautionary warning that when people keep being badgered, over time they may succumb to reacting violently at the continuing provocations.  And, that is what some on the Left are hoping for, sorry to say.

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  1. This is a setup. National Right to Life is known to attract a large number of white conservatives. The Jews sent one of their pet communist agitators (Nathan Phillips) and figured they would get a good reaction if they taunted some white kids. When all they got was the smirk, they used a bunch of shill accounts to spread the story anyway. “OMG it’s the smirkocaust! Kill all white people!” Now it’s all blowing up in their face but they don’t care. They just keep pushing the agenda no matter what. I think they know they are losing their grip on our minds now they are just trying to bring in as many immigrants as possible, and pick as many fights as possible, then spend the rest of eternity screeching about how Whitey is such a horrible monster for standing up for himself.

    Also the reason they are targeting Catholics now is because Amy Barrett is about to be nominated to the Supreme Court.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Morpheus.

      The Republican presidents do not do such a good job at picking individuals to fill vacancies on the high court, which has usurped power that it does not have in the Constitution. The Supreme Court is supposed to interpret or adjudicate the law, not legislate from the bench. The checks and balances are only as good as the integrity of the men and women in the other branches of government.

      Kavanaugh is another Anthony Kennedy, who really was a great pick by the much overrated Reagan, not! Kennedy, like Souter and Roberts later, was a judicial activist and gave us homosexual “marriage”. Kavanaugh was not a good pick and ought not to have been nominated at all. Trump needs to do better.

      Now, to your main point. The old elder, who misrepresents his service in the Vietnam era, got in the face of these kids. He does not appear to be good at drumming either. Fake news, but expect more of the same as the media falls in line to support Kamala in the coming months.

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