an incisive quote on “gender theory” and other thoughts

Here is a quote to think carefully upon:

Ironic Contradiction in Modern “Gender Theory”

It is interesting to note that if you take the arguments of the gender theorists to their logical conclusion, they in fact destroy the real equality of men and women.  They say that while “gender” (what has always been called “sex”) is real, it is not decided by the biology of the body; instead, it is decided “on the inside.”  If this is true (hint: it isn’t), given that humans are composed of body and soul, then the difference between man and woman must be in the soul, if it is not in the body.  But if the difference is in the soul, then there must be a specifically different male soul and female soul.  The soul is simple (not composed of parts like the body), so the difference must be essential – in other words, men and women would be different species.  Where, then, is their equality?

The words above are from the article, Is “Co-Education” Good for Children?, by Fr David Sherry, SSPX, printed in Catholic Family News*, January 2019, page 17.  *Catholic Family News is a monthly newspaper that promotes traditional Catholic teachings on faith and morals.  It is based in Niagara Falls, New York.

other not so related thoughts

How did we get here?  How did our Western societies, ostensibly Christian, reach this demoralized stage?

It is only a fragmented, confused and demoralised Christianity that allowed us in Western societies to reach this stage of moral confusion, apathy, social decay, and dare I say, moral depravity.  Not only do we ignore or cherry pick which of the Christian moral laws to observe, we even contradict natural laws and accept (tolerate) others who do the same.  Then, we lament the terrible state of the family, marriage, and the social fabric of society.

The Protestant Reformation (or Rebellion, depending upon your point of view*) introduced all the confusion into Christendom 5 centuries ago,  Now we have, at last count, approximately 30,000 denominations all claiming to be Christian but not agreeing on many critical points of Christian faith and morals.  Bible verses are cherry picked and/or taken out of context to justify anything the reader personally desires.  (*One can read the books written by the late Catholic historian, Hillare Belloc (died 1950) for a thought provoking and informative critique of such Reformation notables as Luther, Calvin, and King Henry VIII.)

All this confusion in Christianity allowed for a similar confusion in, and rethinking or deconstructing of, Western philosophy in the subsequent centuries during the period we call “The Enlightenment”.  The French Revolution, with all its subsequent evils (such as atheistic Marxism) was a product of The Enlightenment.

Our laws today reflect this sorry state of being unmoored from Christian principles.  We have rather cowardly acquiesced to this insanity of destructive moral licentiousness masquerading as “freedom” and “rights” that does great harm to both individuals and the society as a whole.

Readers in the US: Christianity in our nation several decades ago may have been 3,000 miles wide, “from sea to shining sea”, but it was only an inch deep.  Our Christianity was superficial and not truly authentic, and only fit for those who desire comfort (the luke warm) and not having to actually go out into the public square and fight for the Christian truths and Christian morality, both public (societal) and private (as in the individual’s life) morality.

How else do you account for a society that still (in 2019) deludes itself that it is Christian in character?  Do we close our eyes to all the heinous moral outrages that on a daily basis call out to Heaven for justice?

In the next day or two, as time allows, we will take up another of today’s contentious issues in society.  Stay tuned or not – the choice is yours.

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