Christian husbands/fathers and abortion in the US

This post is directed at all husbands and fathers, whether they are Christians or not.  (And, yes, a man can be a father without necessarily being a husband.)

This past Saturday, there was a large march in San Francisco.  This was the annual Walk for Life West Coast, and thousands of pro-life individuals attended and participated.

During the walk or march, a woman unexpectantly walked out from the sidewalk into the street blocking many of the marchers.  As she began shouting and then screaming, the walkers halted.  Her chant or mantra that she repeated many times was “My body, my choice!”  I think at the end of her tirade she may have uttered to the walkers something to the effect “Have you got it now?!”  (This scene was on the local TV news that evening.)

(This type of behavior is not uncommon at pro-life rallies or marches.  I remember a public witness that I participated in back in 1996.  There was a young woman only 10 or 12 feet away from where I was standing who was shrieking (no exaggeration here) all kinds of incoherent phrases in opposition to the pro-life message.  She appeared to be very tormented and acted as though she had been seized by a demon or evil spirit.)

At the end of this melodramatic episode of screaming in front of the marchers, a man, the local news media identified as her husband, stepped forward and hugged his wife.  What virtue signalling by this man!  He publicly supports his wife’s passionate defense of so-called abortion rights.

What kind of husband/father supports abortion, even of his own children?  Think about this for a moment.  (Of course, we could turn this around here and ask what kind of mother . . ., but that is not our focus today.)

Clearly, this individual and all the others (millions) in the US who share this position are not acting as authentic husbands and fathers, whether they think of themselves as Christians or not.  Christians cannot live as pagans do and honestly consider themselves Christian.  In ancient pagan Roman times, infanticide and abortion were widespread.  It was only with the Roman Empire converting to Christianity that these terrible injustices (and sins) were largely stamped out.

Husbands/fathers, who are acting or living their roles in accordance to natural law, protect, defend and support their wife and their children, even their children that are still residing in the womb of their mother.  It is only a very conflicted man who believes he is right and just to support his wife in her decision to abort their child.

We Christians need to reclaim the family for Christ and for our society.  We need to work to end this continuing shedding of innocent blood across our land.  And husbands and fathers have a critical role to play here.

What a poignant irony for the world to observe.  Many Americans think of their country as being a Christian nation.  But, this is no longer so.  When even the natural law is routinely transgressed and ignored, and many mainline Christian denominations are either silent about, or approving of such transgressions, we cannot seriously call our nation “Christian”.

other related and relevant thoughts

If you want to go down the path of using dehumanizing euphemisms, here is a thought to ponder.  The natural “termination” of a pregnancy is a live birth after 9 months of gestation.  Abortion, whether surgical or chemical (as in such regimens as RU-486) is a violent and unnatural ending of a pregnancy that God does not sanction.  That is the reality.  As well, the founders and framers of the US Constitution knew that our true rights come from God, and not from social engineers in black robes issuing diktats from their lofty perch on a high court.  (Government can only affirm, protect and defend our true rights, or trample upon these, but it cannot and does not create our rights.)

Embryology, the last time I checked, informs us that human life begins at fertilization (also known as conception).  So, know what it is you are advocating and promoting when you identify yourself as “pro-choice” (which really means that you are in favor of abortions).

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  1. I’m convinced that liberalism is really satanism in disguise. Satanism is anti-life, and liberalism is opposed to everything that furthers life. So they are different names for the same thing. It used to be that liberals were against wars and all the killing that involves. But not anymore.

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment. This whole rotten Culture of Death, which threatens the unborn, the recently born, the old, the weak, the sick, the depressed, the marginalized and vulnerable, really is satanic in nature. There does appear to be a malignant, malevolent force that orchestrates all these attacks on innocent human life around the world. We can infer that Satan does exist and that he is evil. The most effective lie, by which Satan confuses and manipulates people, is the lie that he does not exist.

      Logging off for today, but let me say in closing my comment that the Left has really shot its wad (forgive my slang here) this past week with openly calling for infanticide in the state of Virginia. Even “pro-choice” people are trying to walk this back. Pro-abortion people have never liked being tagged as “baby killers”. With the promotion of infanticide, they can no longer deflect such a tag! (This is an opportunity for pro-life people to educate the amorphous, ambivalent masses as to just how violently children in the womb are killed, even in the last trimester. Why the push for late term abortions? The growing market in fetal tissues and organs is the profit motive driving it. There is now a movie about the infamous Kermit Gosnell and his abortion atrocities in Philadelphia. This documentary had to be made with funds from donations by individuals. It was rejected by Hollywood and the media will not allow paid advertising for it. But, those who have seen the pre-release screenings of the film, have said that it changes minds and hearts on the issue to a pro-life conviction.)

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