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Just as no man (athlete) is greater than the game itself, no blogger is greater than blogging itself.  With that in mind, we now offer some links to some recent, very informative, thought provoking posts and articles by other bloggers.  Readers can look over this listing and click on any linked articles that interest them.


There appear to be ways that individuals can use to keep their brain young, clear and sharp.

7 proven ways to keep your brain young

We truly are in the Dark Ages of medicine as doctors are largely ignorant of how various viruses behave over time within our bodies.  This lengthy article informs us that one particular virus is the culprit behind so many other health conditions and diseases, which are symptoms of the virus’ destructive, parasitical actions within our bodies.  Thus, the doctors treat the symptoms without understanding the root cause of these maladies.

Epstein-Barr virus, responsible for many mystery illnesses, thrives because so little is known about it

Important truths about the very serious dangers with the current vaccines and vaccine regimens are being suppressed.  A uninformed public is being harmed by these vaccines.  Big Pharma and other interests are purposefully keeping us in the dark.

Vaccine Deep State declares vaccine skepticism to be a global health threat so that vaccine truth educators can be labeled dangerous to society


The Tibetan people have been suffering terribly since late 1950, the year of the invasion of Tibet by the communist Chinese army.  Despite the market reforms, the Chinese government is, and continues to be a gross violator of human rights.

China’s Economic Revolution Funds The Oppression Of Tibet

freedom of speech and thought

Monika Schaeffer, a Canadian citizen, spent 10 months in a German jail (2018) for expressing politically incorrect, taboo or forbidden views while in Canada.  Her saga continues now that she is back in Canada.

Shop refuses photocopy service


We hear the constant drumbeat now for US intervention in Venezuela, but what is the media not telling us about the situation there?  Economic sanctions imposed to effect “regime change” rarely succeed, but these do great harm to the general population in the targeted countries.

Venezuela and what media don’t tell you

Christian men

A blog post on the character traits that Christian men ought to cultivate:

4 Marks of a godly man

the “manmade” global warming scam

From the Golden Rule blogsite, we share this post (it is summer in the southern hemisphere):

Melbourne has been this hot or hotter about 30, no, 50 times since 1855

From Queensland, Australia, we have this post on climate change, or the lack thereof:

Ten reasons to exit Paris climate agreement

Control of people, “New World Order”

An interesting piece on communism and the NWO (New World Order):

Communist insider and defector, Bella Dodd: the New World Order is communism

How the climate change fear mongering is helping to bring about global control by the elites:

Climate hoax aimed at New World Order says Aussie PM advisor

Churchill (correcting the propaganda that passes for history)

Churchill, despite all the propaganda lionizing him, was more demon than demigod.  He was a war monger and war criminal, among other bad things.  Check out this post to find the truth about the man.

England’s Tarnished Hero

US military’s global reach and presence (the American Empire)

The US spends more on “defense” than the entire rest of the world combined.  Why?

The US Has Military Forces in Over 160 Countries, but the Pentagon Is Hiding the Exact Numbers

altering the foods we eat

Can all this tinkering be good for us, and for our health?

Monsanto/Bayer Moving to Genome Edit Fruits and More

Our feature image is of our hike up Cathedral Peak in Sedona, Arizona (Sept. 2017).

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