The Hoax that won’t die How the World Jewish Congress invented the Holocaust

As we continue to hear of the holocaust, almost on a daily basis (President Trump referred to it in his lengthy SOTU speech the other night), we thought that we would share this piece posted by another blogger today.  Readers, we have come to our conclusions about the truth or lack thereof in the official holocaust story.  We only present the reality of the dilemma here, and encourage you to examine the research that is now available so that you can reach your own conclusions after careful reflection.

World War 2 Truth

Editor’s Note:  If you don’t know who Carolyn Yeager is, you should definitely check out her website at:  Carolyn has a lot of great articles, including this one, which focus on exposing the lies of the holocaust, Jewish intrigue, World War II and National Socialism.  My favorite part of her website is the endless hours of commentary on a variety of subjects you can download for free!  For example, she did a book reading of Henry Ford’s classic, The International Jew, with Hadding Scott that is excellent.  It is one of the most underrated storehouses of information on the history of Jewish control in America.  Check it out for yourself, along with many other recordings.

By: Carolyn Yeager

the first and continuing reports that Jews were being wiped out by the Nazis in Poland were supplied to newspapers around the world by the World…

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