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Perhaps disturbing, perhaps even incendiary, but there are important truths to be aware of in the below 8 linked posts on various topics.

Race and history

What is the full history of “Blackface”?  A terribly disturbing post here reveals some unpleasant historical facts:

#ICYMI: Blackface History Is Jewish History

Why are whites so apathetic, passive, and complacent as their demographic demise steadily, inexorably approaches?  There is a serious character flaw in ethnic Europeans that needs to be outed and corrected fast.  (Daring to bring up this topic is like stepping on the third rail of the electric train tracks.)

We give credit to Mike Walsh for this next insightful, timely post (that has many reader comments).

on health

We are suffering a vaccine craze that is worldwide in scope.  Sadly, we are being stampeded into accepting these injections that are not safe for our children nor for ourselves as adults.  The question needs to be asked: are these vaccines really necessary?  And, what is the cost-benefit trade-off here?

by 1963 when the measles vaccine was patented the measles mortality rate was about 1in 500000

This next linked post confirms yet again the corruption of our government oversight bodies as these interact with Big Pharma and the resulting impact on health safety.

food safety

gmo foods are set to be mislabeled as biofortified and its reported australia nz are as nearly always leaders of the pro gmo pack


The little known truths of the continuing oppression of the Tibetan people in their homeland by the Chinese:

Tibet’s Capital City Is Not Safe Under Chinese Occupation!

Climate change

We keep hearing of a near universal consensus among climate scientists that the climate is changing because of man’s activities and the effects may be catastrophic.  But, is this really accurate?  (Bear in mind, readers, that sometimes results of studies can be and are driven by considerations of grant monies being awarded.)

‘97% Of Climate Scientists Agree’ Is 100% Wrong

Moammar Ghaddafi

NATO, with US backing, took out old Moammar back in 2011 (for dishonorable reasons, but that is a story for another day).  Now, Europe is suffering the blow back from that ill-advised action, not to mention the terrible suffering of the Libyan people in the years since.  Ghaddafi warned of this before his death.

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  1. Americans have been lobotomized by 1) fluoride in their drinking water, 2) non-stop stupidity on TV, 3) Judaized Christianity in their churches, 4) mass indoctrination in their public schools, and 5) a perverse belief that “diversity” somehow makes us stronger. It’s a Perfect Storm for creating an apathetic population with no sense of identity or direction.

    1. Yes, Stephen, I would have to agree. It is a sorry state here stateside and over in Europe (thanks to decades of socialism). I read some of the blogs from folks in Australia, and they tell of a similar situation, perhaps even worse, down under.

      1. Can confirm that it is worse in both Australia and NZ. Socialism, mass immigration, cucking, feminism, the works. Of course the Jews are pushing this, but there are so few of them down there that one can only conclude that Whites are betraying their own people for nothing more than a pat on the head. Pathetic. If we are going to survive, we will need to become as tribal as everyone else. For that to happen, we will need to drag white women kicking and screaming away from the brainwashing of TV, social media, and university. For that to happen, the economy will have to be so bad that they will be forced to rely on white men for provisions. Therefore if the Dems win again, or if Trump cucks out, we will need to focus our creative powers on trashing our own economy. This will have the added advantage of keeping the parasites out. You can be sure the Dems will throw open the borders first chance they get. Idiocracy is their best way to get votes at this point.

  2. Btw, I should add that I’m still a Hitler admirer, in spite of the above article’s disparagement of him. They seem to forget that Hitler was a nationalist first and a socialist second, and the “capitalism” he was talking about that of the predatory international bankers and their cronies in government. Family-owned businesses and private property were protected in the Third Reich. The “socialist” part of the regime was necessary only to get the vast hordes of unemployed back on their feet again, which Hitler certainly succeeded in doing.

    1. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Just yesterday, I made a comment on another blog to educate the blogger to the fact that in the 1930s, Germany prospered while the Allied nations languished in Depression. The bankers had to destroy the German state as other nations might imitate their example and throw off the yoke of the globalist bankers. It was a great loss for Western Civilization what was done to Germany and for the globalists in the 1940s. They banned Mike Walsh’s short book, Life in The Reich, which does not even touch on the holocaust. It cannot be purchased on Amazon any longer (as of mid August, 2018). They do not want us to know the truth about the 1930s and 1940s.

  3. Hmm, didn’t know about Mike Walsh’s book until now… thanks for the heads up, Larry. Maybe he can get Lulu to publish it. Or surely the Barnes Review would do it.

    1. Well, we have gotten a bit off topic from the post above, but all is well.

      Here is a link to an earlier post of ours that covers some thought provoking books. The last of which is Mike’s now banned book. He is trying to self publish some of his many books by contracting out print runs of so many copies with a small, independent book printer. This means he is having to finance the printings, and thus he likely needs some paid pre-orders to do this. We see that freedom of inquiry and freedom of speech and thought are not without cost, are not free. It really is a shame when the mass media, including the book publishing houses and book sellers (especially the near monopoly, Amazon) are controlled by enemies of free thinking.

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