an interesting article on automation in the economy, and the future of work

The increasing use of robots and automation in the workplace rightly causes many workers concern.  Yet, as some jobs will no doubt be lost with this continuing transformation of the economy, more jobs will be created in other areas.

The economy is changing rapidly, and there will be temporary dislocations with some transitional unemployment, but markets are resilient and we need not be paralyzed with fears.  Of course, temporary economic dislocations can be made more painful and needlessly extended in duration by the distortions to market activity caused by excessive government regulations.  In other words, may the statist government leaders, and their social engineers and ideologues, get out of the way so that the continuing economic evolution is not made any more difficult for the citizens.  (Recall the disastrous New Deal in the US during the 1930s which extended the “Great Depression” for years.)

We came across this insightful article this past weekend.  We share it with readers now.  The author of this linked article, Peter Smith, makes the case that we will not be entering a world of plenty where work is neither necessary nor available.


Our feature image is from Lincoln Avenue in San Francisco in September, 2017.  Flowers thrive across the street from Golden Gate Park.



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  1. “More jobs will be created elsewhere”

    If that were true, why does rural poverty exist after mechanization?

    It’s not true. It’s a myth from people who assume we will always be on an economic upward trajectory

  2. Communism gets dumber and bloodier with each cycle, but the useful idiots always think they will get it right next time.

    Communism 1.0 was based on inciting the peasants to guillotine the nobility and the priests.
    Communism 2.0 was based on inciting the workers to gulag the merchants and the middle class.
    Communism 3.0 is based on inciting the third world to invade the West and then slit our throats when numbers allow.
    Communism 4.0 will be based on turning people into hopelessly dependent livestock slurping at the UBI swill trough. The robots will all be owned by a tiny Jewish elite. Centralization will continue until there is one robot that repairs the robots that repairs the robots that repairs the robots. This master robot will be programmed by a single H1b with a fake resume. What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Communism 2.5 was based on inciting Chinese SJWs to burn books, imprison traditionalists, wreck all institutions, basically sever all links to the wise and tested way of doing things, and then melt down all the farm tools and kill all insect-eating birds for good measure.

      1. Not to mention invading Tibet in late 1950 while the world;s attention was fixed on Korea. The poor Tibetans have suffered terribly for almost 70 years now.

        But, we are getting off topic now.

        The Chinese routinely steal intellectual property from the US. If Trump were really smart he would close the US market to the Chinese until we find ways to stop their pilfering of our intellectual property. That would be the stick we need to use as it would hurt their economy big time.

  3. Yes. More destruction of a noble people and their knowledge.

    Exactly two years ago, my nickname for Trump was Emperor Chaos. It was a term of endearment. Trump wields Chaos very effectively. And Chaos is what the Chinese fear the most. I think that strategy would be very effective. So why doesn’t he do it? Maybe he wants something else from them. The Cabal was grooming China to be their next host. They would have been very well positioned if America and Russia nuked each other and Europe was raped into the ground by Muslims. They really needed technology and manufacturing in order to have enough economic blood to power the Cabal. The theft, and the hollowing-out of American manufacturing, were all planned at the highest levels.

    What China needs to understand is that they could never get the upper hand over these people if they allow them to take over. China needs to purge them, and it cannot do that if there is chaos. So maybe Trump is working with them on this. I hate to sound like a 4D chess Redditor all the time but these things have a strange way of playing out. I mean, look at Mueller, Dems winning the House, government shutdown, his handling of Kim Jong Un… All turned out to be good for Trump (and us).

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