Thursday thoughts: life in schizoid America

It is late Thursday evening in western North America (GMT minus 8 hours).  Here are my thoughts, or mental free association(s) tonight.

Virtual relationships.  Social media.  Hand-held device addiction (HHDA).  Video games.  ADD (attention deficit disorder).  Virtual reality.

Critical theory.  Intersectionality.  Deconstruction.  Deconstructing the narrative (take your pick here: history, religion, philosophy, etc.).  Nuance, yes, nuance.  Post modern.  Code speak.  Double speak.  Semantics.

Indoctrination being called (and accepted as) education.  Propagandized history not subject to objective critique.  Group think.  Progressive.  Post progressive “progressivism”.   Managing expectations.  Virtue signalling.  Restorative justice.  Systemic racism.  Gender studies (if gender is a social or psychological construct, there may be more than 32 genders, or permutations of gender).  Identity politics.  Feminism (3rd wave, 4th wave?  Who is counting?).  LGBTQXZ.

Political correctness.  Democracy devolving into mobocracy.  “Rights” (effectively a meaningless term these days to many).  Anarchism.  Crony capitalism.

Cultural Marxism.  Ideological Plantation (mass or collective slavish group think, absence of critical thinking).

New Age.  Counterfeit (as in apostate and heretical) Christianity.

White genocide: demographic implosion or collapse.  Immigrant invasion.  Multiculturalism.

Assaults against children.  Redefinition of the family.  Lack of family formation.  Absent fathers.  Abortion.  Infanticide.  Pedophilia being normalized in society.  Child sex trafficking.  Pharmaceutical drugging of children.

Orwellian.  Kafkaesque.



It is all so very confusing much of the time for many of us.

We ought to toss out all this nonsensical, dehumanizing babble, and attempt to get back to common sense and pragmatic solutions to problems.  Let us detox our psyches of this bad, harmful (divisive and destructive) ideology.

We cannot relate to one another any longer here stateside.  It is bizarre.  The social fabric is in shreds.

The whole narrative that is thrust into our faces each and every day is fake (artificial, contrived).

We are looking at a future primitive sans Rousseau’s noble savage, an approaching dystopia.

With the coming 5-G radiation barrage on the surface of the Earth, the ever present airborne chem trails, and the seriously tainted vaccines, combined with the continuing social decay in our nation, it makes one opine that things may one day get so bad, life become so hazardous and difficult, that the living may come to envy the dead.  (This is not to mention the over fishing of the oceans that is depleting fish stocks, and the continuing loss of habitat worldwide for so many species of life.)

This nightmare is, sadly, real.  We are not dreaming.  The next major die-off, or mass extinction event is likely going to be caused by man and his shortsighted actions.  In fact, the event may have already begun.  Pity the younger generation, who will come of age as this age of man’s dominance unwinds.

Will we meet on the other side, dear readers?  On the other side of the River Styx, that is.

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  1. A nicely provocative and worrisome musing. Thank you. (Two samples of common-discourse buzzwords that I come across increasingly and elicit my distaste: “Let’s have our panel of pundits unpack this [whatever needs to be ‘unpacked’]; “We are approaching an inflection point as regards (whatever needs to be ‘inflected’).”

    1. Yes, that is a good catch about that “unpacking”. But, there may be an inflection point coming, perhaps not in our lifetimes though. That point would be when the currently entrenched paradigm is overthrown by “the people”.

  2. Reminds me of the age of conflict that Carroll Quigley mentioned. Also, what George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Ayn Rand, and even John Steinbeck forshadowed during his days that echo today in his “The Winter of Our Discontent.”

    1. Yes, this process has been in the works so to speak for the past century or more. And, some writers were prescient concerning this inexorable march forward of the authoritarian state. The uncritical, unthinking masses fall in line all too readily and easily. Perhaps folks do not truly want freedom, real freedom, because that requires taking personal responsibility for their lives.

      1. That dangerous “R” word. The thought of it scares the h-ll out of many people. The idea of being an adult in making decisions, but returning to childhood when it comes to consequences seems a given.

  3. No my friend. We will survive and overcome. It is what we do. We are capable of anything.

    1. Perhaps, but it is difficult to be optimistic in these times. Man has the potential and the abilities, yes, but will man choose to use these wisely, and in time?

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