Science, social stability and feminism

Here is an incisive and insightful post from another blogger (reblogged here by a Scandinavian blogger).  This is quite worth the several minutes to read and ponder.  Please refer others to it.  The content of the post speaks for itself, therefore there is no need for any introductory words from me.

The winds are changing

So, what does science have to say about men and women? Let’s ask two very rare women who are steeped in a perfect trifecta of feminism, a classic liberal education and science. First video, below. Here are a few of their comments in the first video:

Camille Paglia: “The biggest gaffe in women’s studies, is the failure to have a requirement about biology….You’ve had now 40 years of women’s studies, with a social constructionist view of gender. Without the slightest reference to hormones or endocrinology”.

Comment: Can you imagine such a thing? You can get a degree in the study of women, without having to take a science course in basic biology? Absurd…it’s like trying to be an engineer but refusing to teach mathematics.

Christina Hoff Sommers: “Forty years of women’s studies and I think we know less about gender, than when we started, for this very reason, this <feminist>…

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  1. Interesting post; I admit that I scanned it a bit too hastily and gave inadequate attention to the final two videos.

    I once had a boss of several years who was a decent man and manager, but, in certain situations, he would treat in-all-other-respects co-equal women with what could only be described as condescension — that they should give him deference simply because he was “the man” in the room. That made me uncomfortable, and I think that’s the final word I’ll have here: all people, regardless of sex, color et al should be accorded equal opportunity and freedom of choice…and treated with respect and above all without a hint of condescension. There are obvious biological differences between men and women, and God bless those differences…and the recognition that they exist and are real!

    (A final “final word”: isn’t the more far-out feminism merely a manifestation of the ol’ pendulum swing…that ultimately and inexorably and properly returns to a position of balance and positivity?)

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