freedom of speech under attack

Subtitle: The Truth is “anti-Semitic”

Elected representatives from both major US political parties are falling all over themselves to condemn and attempt to officially censor the words of Ilhan Omar.  In the past week, another blogger I know of had her Twitter account closed, and others have had their Facebook (FB) pages taken down and their individual FB account suspended for 30 days.  What did these events have in common, you may ask?  (Why should we care? – will be dealt with below.)  Criticism of Jews, or in one case, the mere questioning of the official history of the 20th century and bringing to light important, but taboo facts, was sufficient to provoke condemnation or closing of social media accounts, and FB pages being taken down.  We also read recently of more books being banned by Amazon so that sales of such books are prohibited even by its Marketplace Sellers.  YouTube, as well, is taking down more videos it deems potentially offensive to some viewers, whatever that means.

Make no mistake about it.  This is an ongoing assault on free speech and free, independent thinking.  Stop and think here, if you can think.

Representative Ilhan Omar and I may (and likely do) disagree on most issues, but she has a right to speak truth to power with facts.  What did she do to provoke this firestorm of rebuke and self-righteous condemnation among her colleagues in Congress, and from “pundits’ from both the right and from the left, and the mainstream media?  She simply spoke out publicly about what we all know to be true!  Gasp!  Moneyed Jewish interests, through their pressure groups (AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, etc.), exert too much influence over our federal government and over the shaping of public debate and discourse here in the US.  (If this offends you, dear readers, I make no apologies.)  Politically incorrect truth is still true.  (Consider how the US foreign policy in the Middle East since the time of LBJ (post John Kennedy) has continuously favored Israel at the expense of both peace in the region, and true US interests.)

If you think about it, the mad rush from both sides of the aisle to condemn Ilhan Omar is simply the most recent proof that both major political parties here in the US are effectively controlled by the Jews and Jewish money power.  So, the choice for the American voter in each and every election cycle is: Which clique of Jews do you wish to rule over you?:  The Trotskyite, Likud, Zionist, neocon clique, also known as the Republicans?, or The Marxist-Leninist clique that controls the Democrat Party?  The “choice” is yours.

Andrea, the Slavic woman blogger who posts lengthy pieces with much historical-socio-political commentary and analysis that is often critical of the Jews and their actions worldwide, informs us that the Jews operate by 2 simple rules or maxims.  What is good for Jews, is good.  And, what is bad for Jews, is bad.  It is quite irrelevant to the Jews how their actions and schemes harm the rest of us on the planet.  Win-lose, or the old zero sum game, is the name of the game the Jews play.

This weaponization of (the smear of) “anti-Semitism” chills or stifles much freedom of speech, and thought.  We must also be aware that many researchers, investigators, and writers engage in self-censorship that occurs when they fear that their written work will not be published if it is in any way critical about the Jews and their actions.  We note here that many of the major book publishers in the US are owned by Jewish interests, as are most of the large news corporations (including FOX).  More than self-censorship seems to have occurred in the case of the recently published book, A Specter Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism, by Paul Hanebrink, Harvard University Press, 2018.  From the review of it that I read (see link below), and from my own hard-earned knowledge of true history (not the propaganda passing for history) of Communism, it is clear that the author has distorted the historical facts to produce a narrative that is pleasing to, and flatters the Jews.  We cannot even study authentic history (to learn the correct lessons) as it is routinely suppressed.  Western historiography must be filtered through the lens of “anti-Semitism”.  You can read a good review of such Jewish historiography here:

lying about Judeo-Bolshevism

Why should we care?

We ought to care, and we damn well better care and work to counter these attacks on our freedom of speech and thought.  If we do not roll this back soon, this control of our society and culture by the Jews, we will all be prisoners in an Orwellian mental gulag where dissent will be more tangibly and painfully punished.  Freedom will cease to exist, true freedom that is, as some personal and demoralizing licentiousness will be permitted by our overseers.  Do not doubt this.  The world saw, in the terrible 20th century, what happens when Jews gain complete control in a nation where there are no effective legal or physical constraints on them.  Recall to mind the horrible crimes against humanity perpetrated by Jews upon the Ukraine’s population during the Holodomor in 1932-3.  Let us not overlook the Red Terror in the USSR.  And, we now are noting the 100th anniversary of the murderous, but thankfully short-lived, reign of Bela Kun (Cohn) in Hungary in 1919.  It is quite naive to think that Jews have changed, or even could change, since those terrible events a century ago.

Christian Zionists, you misguided individuals who do not give evidence of using your God-given reasoning abilities, you are not scoring points with the Christian God by mindlessly supporting Jews, the Zionist State of Israel, and all things Jewish.  Stop your near (quasi) worship of the Jews as gods.  Do you even know what the Jews, with their Talmud, think of Christ, and think of you?  Stop enabling the Jews to exert so much influence, harmful influence over our once Christian nation.

Often times, I find myself wondering how European, or Western Civilization would have developed organically over the past couple of centuries if it had been free of the Jewish manipulation and shaping of that civilization during that time.  But, then I grow rather angry at ethnic Europeans for not resisting the bastardization and subversion of their civilization.  Future generations of ethnic Europeans, those few ethnic Europeans who will be around, may curse their ancestors.  (It is rather ironic that it is only a post-Christian Europe that is in danger of being Islamicized over the next several decades.)

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  1. Reblogged this on Crash The Matrix and commented:
    Larry just wrote a good article on this clown world in which the truth is anti-semitic. I think this is a great wedge issue against Democrats. Use their PC programming against them. Let Black Muslims speak the truth. Anyone who has a problem with that is a racist who doesn’t respect the cultural history of the Religion of Peace. I think any of our partisans in a deep blue district should switch to Democrats and vote in a bunch of Omars and AOCs as part of a Chaos Strategy for 2020. It’s either that or vote for a RINO. Who would be better for white people?

    Watch Nancy Pelosi make excuses for Ilhan Omar and then call Republicans xenophobic just one minute later:

    1. Thanks Morpheus for the reblog.

      The sad fact is that both major parties are effectively controlled by and beholden to the Jewish interests; there no longer can be any doubt on that point. If only the Republicans were and had been true conservatives! We would already have a secure southern US border. We would not have fought lengthy and expensive wars that only benefit Israel and not true US interests. We would have smaller government and less national debt. If only . . . .

      Nancy Pelosi is a fraud. My wife pointed out to me today that someone had posted a pic of Nancy Pelosi with ashes on her forehead from this past (Ash) Wednesday, and the label was “hypocrite” as how can a Catholic be in favor of infanticide and late term (or any) abortions?! Her insanity will no doubt actually serve to increase Trump’s chances for another electoral college victory.

  2. Speaking of freedom of speech, here is the current message over at


    That appears to be on a fundraising page of the site.

    Mike King authors many good books, but because he challenges the official narrative on many subjects, he is being targeted. You might want to visit his website and sign up to get email updates from his site. Here is the link:

    And, here is the link to the classic that was banned 2 years ago this month by Amazon:

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