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While cleaning up some old boxes of photo albums, we came across some loose extra photos that included these 2 pics from (likely) 1990.  These images here are Iphone shots of the actual photographs, and were taken in the natural sunlight filtering in through the window of our home earlier today.  As the photos had warped a bit in the past nearly 30 years, it was a challenge to get a good picture of these without distortions (mainly from reflections) occurring.

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was using a Minolta camera with 100 speed Kodak film for still shots.  In 1993, I switched to a Canon camera, which was lighter, but still took great still shots on our vacations.

This first image is of a picture taken at Mono Lake in eastern California, about an hour’s drive south of the better known and much larger Lake Tahoe.  The lake has slowly been drained down to contribute to the water supply for the Los Angeles area.  In the distance in this view, we can see the tufa (limestone) formations at the lake’s edge.  This is a pretty remote part of the state.  However, it is on the most direct route from the San Francisco area into central Nevada (with towns such as Hawthorne and Tonopah).



Back in those years, we would gather ourselves (my wife, our son, and myself) and a couple of our son’s cousins, and take an auto vacation in June, just after school let out for summer vacation.  We had some good times and visited both Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in southwest Utah, and various state parks in Nevada and Utah.

Here, in this next shot, we see an example of some of the very lonely desert highways in Nevada.  Northern and western Nevada are pretty barren and desolate.  There is more natural beauty in eastern and far southern Nevada.  (I can recall one Sunday morning in 1989 (it was Father’s Day), when we pulled the minivan off the road and took a break to stretch our legs and have a snack.  We were hanging out for near a half hour and did not see a car go by in either direction.  That may be a little too lonely of a road.)

A typical scene along many of the state highways in Nevada, USA:



Now, we move on to other topics.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, D. E. But, a careful reading or re-reading would lead to the intended interpretation, that is that Mono Lake is being slowly drained. 😉

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