2 painful Tibet anniversaries

2 for this Tuesday.

Today marks 60 years since the women of Lhasa took a courageous public stand to protect their Dalai Lama and oppose communist Chinese oppression (in 1959).  As well, in recent days, there was the 30 year anniversary of another wave of serious protests in Tibet against the continuing brutal Chinese occupation of Tibet (1989).  Those protests provoked a greater crackdown on freedom in Tibet by the Chinese authorities.  The world, along with most of these self-identified “social justice warriors”, largely ignores this issue.  Let us not deceive ourselves here.  China’s economic modernization and development has not altered the Chinese supremacist thinking of those in the Chinese Communist Party (China is a one party state).

While the world’s attention was focused on the war on the Korean peninsula in late 1950, the Chinese invaded and occupied Tibet.  China claims that Tibet has always been “an integral part of China”.  But that assertion does not withstand serious, objective scrutiny.  (The rather limited suzerainty that China enjoyed over Tibet during the Ching Dynasty (1644 – 1911) was not sovereignty by any stretch of the imagination.)  The Tibetan people continue to suffer under the Chinese occupation that is wiping out their language, culture, religion and history, in addition to doing major damage to the physical environment of Tibet.

In observance of these 2 anniversaries, we share now 2 informative posts from the Tibet Truth website (that the Chinese continue to attack and attempt to bring it crashing down).

The Women Of Lhasa Who Rose Up For Tibet On March 12 1959

And, here is a good post from earlier today with some little known facts about the history of this continuing tragedy and atrocity:

Countering China’s Hysterical Claims On Tibet

This linked post is quite relevant, and does address the 3 principal arguments that China asserts to justify its seizure of Tibet in October, 1950.  (Being a student of history, and having an interest in East Asia, over the years I had become aware of much of what is in the linked post.  It is accurate.)  Not mentioned is that there was a marker or stele erected on the frontier of Tibet and China during the Tang Dynasty (619 -917 A.D.) with writing in the 2 languages where both peoples wished each other peaceful and amicable relations as independent states.

Let us support the Tibetan people in their just cause.

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