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food safety

Are you concerned with the safety of the fruits and vegetables that you and your family consume each day?  If so, we recommend this post for good, practical advice on how to greatly reduce the pesticides in your produce before you consume these.

scientists test three solutions for cleaning pesticides off produce; the winner is clear, chemical free and surprisingly cheap

on Pakistan

This recent post covers many issues about Pakistan, the world’s 2nd most populous Muslim nation (after Indonesia), and a nuclear armed state.  We note that Pakistan is notorious for its virulent persecution of Christians within its borders.

the thoughts of others on “anti-Semitism”

Dissecting “anti-Semitism”, or at least the popular perception of it, is addressed in this recent post from another blog (below).  The specific case that is covered is that of Rep. Omar and her outspoken remarks in recent weeks.  This post is in contrast to our post last week on freedom of speech.  In that post, I, having grown weary of the incessant bleating of “anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism”, just frankly concluded that this charge is used to squash free speech and free thinking (and that is true).  We must not be cowed by the Jew taboo.  That said, we recommend this post for its cogent analysis and its nuance.

In this next linked post, relevant questions are raised.  This is a short read, so you really ought to do it!

the Washington Post alerts us to the horrors of anti-Semitism in America

on the holocaust

Historiography in the Western world has a quite serious problem, especially concerning 20th century history.  So much of our generally accepted “history” is victors’ propaganda, and thus, abridged or fake history.  Bear in mind, that there is the truth, and then there is the perception of truth, and the 2 are not always the same.  This next linked article is quite lengthy and only suitable for readers who have both the interest and the time (perhaps 20 to 30 minutes or so) for the subject matter.  For such readers, it is recommended as there are many insights and some very good analysis.

the psychology and epistemology of holocaust newspeak

Happy reading and thinking.

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  1. The title of this post and the first word “food” made me think that readers might be treated to some recognition of the annual “Pi Day”: 3.14…. A friend from Orlando wrote that she was glad to purchase a key lime pie today only for $3.14…such a food deal! Anyway, such is my take so far from this posting…hope I have time later to read the 20-30-minutes “…holocaust newspeak” and other material.

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