thoughts and links on the New Zealand mass murder

The terrible, horrific mass murder in New Zealand a few days ago prompts this post.

While not minimizing nor trivializing the loss of 50 innocent lives (so far), and the wounding of dozens more, we share 2 links that help us to maintain some perspective during this traumatic time.  First, as we learned during the time of President Ronald Reagan more than 30 years ago, one man’s “freedom fighter” can be seen to be another man’s terrorist.  Similarly, with the presidency of George W. Bush (2001 – 2009), we can observe that one man’s liberating army is another’s army of conquest and subjugation.  The US military, directly and by proxy, has killed and maimed many, many times the number of innocent, Muslim civilians than were heartlessly gunned down in Christchurch the other day.  See this first linked post for the ugly truths about the US military-industrial-banking-government complex:

Christchurch and a sense of proportion

Working for perspective here, we must point out that ongoing Muslim violence against non-Muslims throughout the world continues without much notice by the Western news media.  Ethnic Europeans and Christians throughout the world ought to be concerned by the possibility of retaliatory attacks by Muslims over this mass murder in New Zealand.  Revolutionary ideologies and violent religions (and fanatical adherents of such) are causes of violence.  And, ideologically driven news media bury (suppress) important news stories from around the world that do not fit the currently desired narrative.  This next linked article helps us maintain a broader perspective:

Mainstream media celebrates New Zealand outrage

false flag considerations

Now, we will consider the possibility that the attacks on 2 mosques in New Zealand were a false flag.  By that, we mean that the attacks did occur and innocent lives were lost, but that the blame is falsely (incorrectly) being assigned to an individual or to groups that were not (fully) culpable.  Essentially, a false flag attack is an operation of deception and misinformation.  (Intelligence services are experts in deception and misinformation.  Think of the old Soviet KGB, the CIA, the British MI-5 (or is it now MI-6?), and, of course, the Israeli Mossad.)  Now, do not take me wrong here.  We are not knee-jerk “conspiracy theorists”, but pondering a few questions here can help us to see a possible larger agenda in play.

The question to ask ourselves first is:  Who, or which interests might benefit from such an attack?

We see 3 likely effects from these attacks.  First, those who espouse gun control will be motivated and energized to seize the moment while the public is emotionally traumatized to push forward and try to enact stricter gun laws in many countries.  The fact is that the effect of such laws is to make it much harder for law-abiding citizens to purchase and own guns.  Do you really want to live in a nation state where only the police and the criminals* have guns?  You could call that a police state. * Criminals often acquire their guns illegally by means of a black market.  Advantage here goes to the gun controllers or “gun grabbers”.

The second effect from these terrible attacks is that a chill will descend upon free speech on the topics of immigration, immigration policies, and on legitimate criticism of immigrant crimes and violence in Western countries.  How many concerned citizens will be willing to be tagged as “haters” or as engaging in “hate speech” when they attempt to get a serious public debate on the topics above started in their communities and in their governmental bodies?  We may even see attempts now at enacting legislation in Western countries that will criminalize such anti-immigrant speech as “hate speech” that allegedly incites violence against immigrants.  Advantage here accrues to those who see free speech, and open debate as threats or impediments to their political agenda.

The third effect (somewhat related to the 2nd above) is that ethnic Europeans, who have a legitimate concern about the continuing demographic and cultural changes in their societies that are being brought about by large-scale immigration of non-Western peoples which are failing to assimilate to Western values, are now going to be tagged and smeared as “white supremacists”, racists, fascists, “Nazis”, etc.  Vilifying ethnic Europeans will help to demoralize them further and weaken their opposition to the globalists’ agenda.  With the elections for the European Parliament approaching, these mosque attacks may have a not insignificant effect on the political discussions of the candidates and of the citizenry in the next several weeks in Europe.  Will the growing political parties that are opposed to continuing immigration lose ground?  (But, as we are being effectively told by the news media and many of our “leaders”: Immigrants to the West do not come to take from us, but to give to us.  What do they give us Westerners?  Diversity, of course!)  Advantage here goes to those promoting immigration and so-called multiculturalism in Western nations.

It is worth pointing out that we do not see mass immigration today into any other areas of the world.  Are millions of immigrants and refugees storming into India?  China?  Japan?  Africa?  Or, into Latin America?  No, the flow is from the less developed, non-Western world into Europe, North America, and Australia and New Zealand.  The solution is to fix these countries of origin, so that their citizens will not want to leave their homes.  And, yes, it would greatly help if NATO and the US would cease and desist from their damnable regime change wars!

Clearly, there will be some beneficiaries from these attacks.  As well, there will be many losers, too.

As to whether the mosque attacks in New Zealand were a false flag, we do not have access to all the facts, therefore we cannot come to a conclusion about that possibility.  There are already posts out there by others asserting that this was a false flag operation.  A relevant question here is:  Was the shooter(s) acting on behalf of, or at the behest of other interests?  We may never know the answer.

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  1. I can’t wrap my mind around and come to any semi-intelligent conclusion regarding all the implications and ramifications of governmental and non-governmental violence in this suffering world. But I immediately identified two takeaways, both from the same paragraph, from this “musing”:

    “The solution is to fix these countries of origin, so that their citizens will not want to leave their homes.” Amen. (I’d gladly forgo the “defense” of the “homeland” offered by, say, an annual $300 Billion of the MIC’s trillion-plus budget and invest it — wisely, with compassion-based strings attached and conditions to be met, evaluated and tweaked — in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Cuba, etc., toward “fixing” the poverty and endemic problems [many caused or goosed by our own hubris and vileness] of those countries and others.

    ” And, yes, it would greatly help if NATO and the US would cease and desist from their damnable regime change wars!” Amen-squared. (Tulsi Gabbard, from my home state of Hawaii, is the only pol out there who seems to have the fortitude to espouse this line of sane reasoning. I have other, unformed, issues with Tulsi, but here at least I am in her camp. The MSM, meanwhile, is intent on marginalizing her to the point of erasing her from any discourse or consideration….)

    1. Thanks Robert for your thoughtful comment.

      Yes, I applaud Congresswoman Gabbard on her stance that we must end the never ending regime change wars. As well, barriers to economic growth and systemic corruption in these 3rd world nations really ought to be seriously addressed. (Also, these failed states need to make their societies secure for the citizens from the out of control trans-national crimninal gangs.) The Western world cannot accept millions upon millions more of these refugees and migrants. It will come to the point of life boat ethics for Europe, first, and then even for the US.

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