What is the Great Replacement after all?

We reblog this post as it addresses the continuing demographic collapse of ethnic Europeans in Europe.  The moral of the story is that within a few decades time, ethnic Europeans will become minorities within many European countries.  Can anyone tell me where such a phenomena is currently happening elsewhere in the world (that is outside of historically majority ethnic European countries)?  Tibet is one example, but there are few others.

The winds are changing

After the latest events in New Zealand, the debate about reckless immigration, both legal and illegal, as well as multiculturalism has been set across public online discourse. So what is the Great Replacement after all?

The Great Replacement is a theory based on the European demographic demise elaborated by French writer Renaud Camus and then developed by other authors like the recently deceased Guillaume Faye. The name of the theory, which is itself self-explanatory predicts that if current demographic trends in Europe continue, such as low fertility rates of native Europeans and the ever-increasing migration patterns from African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries, Europeans will be replaced in their own countries.

How is the great replacement happening?

As the name of the theory suggests, someone is being replaced by someone else. Like in an equation, two variables come along to explain this. The first variable is native European, or…

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