on Trump, Russia, and Israel

Many folks have opined and/or asserted that President Trump is a “Russian asset”.  But, that is not true.  If it were true, why would Trump have threatened to hit Russia with economic sanctions, and even done so in a limited sense, over Crimea, and the Nord gas pipeline (German companies involved in the construction of the pipeline have also been threatened with US sanctions)?  Why would the US still be backing the current anti-Russian regime in Ukraine headed by Poroshenko?

No, President Trump is not a Russian asset, or Russian agent.

The sad fact is that President Donald Trump is an Israeli asset.  Of that there can be no doubt.

(If you need a litany of all that he has done for Israel in the past 26 months, just do an Internet search and you will find that he has been the most overtly pro-Zionist and pro-Israel president the US has ever had.  And, yes, that is saying a lot when you call to mind Ronald Reagan’s tenure as President, and the presidency of George W. Bush.)

President Trump is now telling the American people that the Democrats are “anti-Semitic”  Wow.  That may actually serve to get some folks to actually think about this issue.  Several contenders for the Democrat nomination for President are now saying they won’t attend the annual AIPAC meeting or confab.  That is actually good news for all Americans.  This effectively obligatory annual event is where US politicians of both major parties give their obeisance to Israel and to the domestic (US) Jewish interests.  (Pastor Hagee, a leading Christian Zionist, has over the years gone several times to speak at AIPAC, and grovelled before the Jews there in a very pathetic manner which makes many of us sick when we see these speeches on YouTube.)  US office holders and candidates for public office ought not go to AIPAC.  But, declining to go and pay homage to Israel at AIPAC now makes one anti-Semitic?  I think not.

Think about it for a moment.  What other country (or people) on Earth commands this type of power over US officials?  We do not hear of any similar type events held annually for or by the English, or the French, or the Canadians (a large trading partner of the US), or the Japanese (a rather solid US ally since the 1950s), or the Chinese (who finance part of our national debt), etc.

We observe that it was the Israeli Prime Minister, when he was in Washington the other day, who gave President Trump a bottle of wine in celebration of the release of the notes of Robert Mueller clearing Trump of wrongdoing.  Netanyahu might have been honest and said these words at the time:  Ha-ha.  Mr. President, you are not a Russian asset, but we expect the American people not to mind at all that you are an Israeli asset.

Let me say in closing this section, I like much of what President Trump has done on the domestic front.  He has helped to reduce the ridiculous amount of regulations (emanating from unelected, faceless bureaucrats in the federal government) that have kept the US economy from growing and providing better lives for all the people.  But, his foreign policy is not guided by doing what is in the best interests of the US, but rather it is guided by what is best for Israel, a foreign state.  His Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is hardcore Zionist.



other not so related thoughts

Disclaimer and full disclosure:  I am an independent, not a Republican, nor a Democrat.  I cannot stand how corrupt both major political parties are in this country (the US).  My thoughts below are prompted by how this whole false, contrived narrative (of Russian collusion) has literally given me a visceral reaction over these past many months.  The nation needs to get back to working for practical solutions to its problems and challenges.

The whole premise of the need for a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, was false as there was no evidence of crimes being committed by Donald Trump.  Thus, Mueller went on a fishing expedition for 22 months.

What about the many individuals who contributed to this fake news story that Trump colluded with the Russians to fix the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election?  It appears that the worst culprits were in the US Department of Justice (of which the FBI is a part).  This disgraced former FBI operative, Andrew McCabe was recently asserting that Trump and those close to him in the campaign may have acted treasonously.  Care to what it back, McCabe?  (We are still waiting for McCabe to be indicted for his criminal role in this sad farce.)

Let’s be honest here.  The failed demigod’s (Obama) Justice Department, under AG Erik Holder, and then AG Loretta Lynch, was politicized, or even weaponized as some have opined.  Donald Trump would have helped himself and the entire country greatly by doing a thorough house cleaning early in 2017.  Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein ought to have been fired early on.  And, in hindsight, Senator Jeff Sessions, was not the right person for the job of Attorney General.  To clean house, a person, a man or woman of integrity who had the fire in their belly for the task was needed.  So what if the partisan, ideologically driven Democrats would have wailed.  Simply call to their attention what Bill and Hillary Clinton did in early 1993.  They fired every US Attorney in the country.  (Why did they do this?  Because some of the US Attorneys were investigating them for their crimes when they ran the state of Arkansas as their private fiefdom.)

What about former FBI Director, James Comey?  Remember him?  He is still pontificating to the nation even in the past day or two.  Comey comes across as a useful idiot that has trouble telling the truth, at best.  At worst, he is guilty of crimes related to interference in various investigations.  That is obstruction of justice, is it not?

Is it possible that this whole false narrative was used for 2 purposes?  First, to either prevent Donald Trump from becoming President, or if elected, to discredit and delegitimize his entire Presidency.  And, secondly, to divert scrutiny away from the very many and serious crimes committed by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as US Secretary of State, and in her presidential campaign personnel’s role in the phony Trump Dossier, and the lies to the FISA court judges?  Clearly, there ought to be some individuals going to prison for these crimes.

So, who are the real villains here?  Clearly, there are many, including the completely irresponsible news media in the US.  Apparently, many individuals in the news media are suffering from what has been called Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), a contagious and collective psychosis for those immersed in group think, and who simply cannot accept that (corrupt) Hillary Clinton lost the election in November, 2016.  Many of these folks still cannot, and may never be able to let go of this topic.  If Trump is re-elected late next year, they will subject the American people to another 4 years of this sham.

The Democrats, by doubling down on this Russian collusion nonsense, are actually driving independents away and into the ranks of those who will vote for Trump next year.  That is their choice, but it is not a wise one.

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  1. It’s hard for me to take issue with the general thrust and each word of this challenging musing, but I’ll try with this: I’m not an economist, and I never owned or ran a business…but I’m bothered by “(Trump) has helped to reduce the ridiculous amount of regulations (emanating from unelected, faceless bureaucrats in the federal government) that have kept the US economy from growing and providing better lives for all the people.” Wasn’t it Reagan’s and his followers’ “(reduction of) the ridiculous amount of regulations…” the pendulum-swing that led to rapacious businesses’ and bankers’ excesses in “hedging” and “merging” and “hostile takeovers” [there are other relevant terms that I should be able to recite but cannot] …and the surely predictable crash of the economic/fiscal house of cards of 2007? And didn’t Obama’s and his followers’ return to a zeal for regulation result in an over-swing of that ol’ pendulum in a mirror-opposite direction? And now isn’t Trump’s and his followers…? [I think you get my drift]. Can’t our economic engine be benignly but warily tuned toward attaining a balance that avoids “extremes” [I recall lamenting “extremes” in a separate posting recently]?

    I really admire the opening comments anent our foreign-affairs dalliance (aka the ‘entangling alliance’….) with the devil.

    1. Yes, good points, Robert. Thanks for your comment.

      I do share your alluding to a happy medium, which, sadly, never seems to be achieved. We both remember the 1980s under Reagan (that was early in my working life). There was much fraud on Wall Street, and the large corporations used the tax cuts Reagan got them to go on a merger mania rather than invest the cash in research and development and growing their businesses. (My job at that time was one of millions cut through mergers in the mid 1980s.) So, yes, there is a back and forth, and there is a proper role for government oversight. But, under Obama (or as some call him, Obozo) the federal government’s overreach reached new heights of excess.

      My beef with the Republicans is that they are not true conservatives. There have been a few true conservatives in the Republican Party over the decades, but in the main, the Republicans are not conservative. If they truly were conservative, they would stay out of needless foreign wars, the border with Mexico would have been secured decades ago under Reagan, they would be for smaller government, they would not be borrow and spend types but would be fiscally conservative and would cut spending over time. You get the idea. The Republicans may give lip service to all the foregoing, but they do not deliver when in the majority. When the liberals claim that conservatism does not work, what they really are saying is that the way the Republicans govern does not work. I will agree with them on that. If only we had had a truly conservative party in the country things might be noticeably better today for all.

  2. USA had lost its independence after Dean Rusk of Nixon”s government lost the battle against Dual Citizenships and Dual (America comes second) Loyalty.

    See how the Vietnam War got misreported, how RVN got thrown to the Communist Alliance, USA was so untrustworthy that it got kicked out of SE Asia.

    The end of USA is imminent as it HAD become the puppet and colony of some other state.

    1. Thanks Tony for your comment. The Jews have largely been in control, or at the very least have had extremely disproportionate influence over the US since the 1930s. The fact that American industrial might was used to defeat Germany and Japan and make large areas of the globe safe for communism by 1945 supports my view, as does the extensive research done by others. Ethnic Europeans have suffered much, and other peoples around the globe have also suffered from the actions and schemes of the Jews for the past 100 years.

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