Petra pics

These are pics taken at Petra in Jordan.  This site is quite famous and has been featured in various television documentaries over the years.

This appears to be an early morning view.  These large-scale carvings into the sandstone remind a person of the sites in India where temples have been carved right out of mountain sides and down into the bedrock of the Earth (such as the Ellora Caves).



An image here captured from the shade.



Another nearby scene is seen in this image.  There are tombs, a treasury, and other buildings along this sandstone canyon.



Having seen sandstone formations in the US Southwest many times, I am thinking that this next image was taken at midday, or even in the early afternoon.  The angle of the sunlight brings out different shades of color in the sandstone.  Brighter colors are often captured shortly after dawn, in the early morning, or at the end of the day near sunset.  As well, an overcast or cloudy sky will tend to alter the colors seen at any given place and at any given time.



Part of the tour group (that my brother-in-law and his wife were part of) makes its way to the next part of the site.



More walking among the rock debris.  Petra dates to around 300 B.C.



These edifices and rooms were carved straight out of the massive rock walls.



Another scene.  Nature, as in natural processes of erosion, often carves sandstone and limestone into various, diverse shapes.  But, here, the work was done by man.



The seated person gives some idea of the size of this stone edifice.



In this final image, we can see the canyon narrowing in the distance.  Observe how the wall in shade appears to be of a different color than the nearby canyon wall that is lit by sunlight.



All in all, a most impressive site.

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  1. Petra is astounding. Literally the No.1 place in the world I still want to make sure I visit, way more than the Pyramids.

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