Thursday thoughts and links for 28 March

Virtues when taken to grotesque extremes cease to be virtuous.  For Christians, fear of God, and guilt can be taken to such extremes.  When this occurs, an individual can become overly scrupulous, and/or in terror of God, which can lead to possible despair and resentment of God.  This is why we have repeatedly counseled on this blog in various posts that a person must govern his/her religious fervor with reason.  Similarly, a proper sexual morality leads one to keep one’s sexual activity within marriage.  But, the purpose of Christian sexual morality is not to desexualize us.  Christ called men and women to live moral, human lives, not lives of ascetic renunciation.

This may strike some readers as coming out of left field today, but when I grow weary, at times, of living, I think that death in its proper time is in fact a sign of God’s mercy.  What sane person would wish to remain forever in this fallen/flawed world?  Nature is cruel, and even poor animals have to suffer.

Recently, we came across a good article in a Christian periodical (in printed (paper) media) that spoke to a topic we also have written on here at this blog.  The substance of the article, in my words, is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience during our sojourn in this world.  You are not your body, or alternatively, your body is not you.  We are spirit souls temporarily clothed in these mortal, material (physical) shells.  As the late Joseph Campbell would say “the body is a vehicle of consciousness”.  (This is also what the Eastern religion known in the West as Hinduism essentially teaches.)

The article specifically addressed the problem so many modern men of science have in this area.  Too many such men of science today deny the existence of what they cannot explain (by “scientific” means).  Such men are making statements of faith when they assert that there is no spiritual dimension of reality.  As well, the atheist makes a statement of faith when he says “there is no God”.  He/she may deny this is a statement of faith, but it is.

Consciousness still eludes the neuroscientists.  They cannot fix it anywhere in the electrochemical jelly known as the brain, or in the electrochemical reactions within the brain.  Consciousness will continue to elude the men and women of science as it is spiritual in nature.  This ought not shock you, dear readers.  Just as we cannot see the force of electromagnetism (yes, I am aware there is a visible part of the e-m wave spectrum, but read on), we can readily infer its existence quite easily by its effects in our world and the universe.  And, of course, electromagnetism is on display continuously throughout our everyday lives.  It is electromagnetic induction that is powering this computer as I type these words.  Long story short: the spiritual dimension of reality does exist, even for those who are ignorant of it.

Science has its limitations.  If only more practitioners of science would honestly admit this . . .   Alas, what is called scientism has become a substitute for religion for many persons in today’s world.




Now for the links we wish to share today (on various topics).  These are offered as food for thought.

On Brasil, we have this post from that country:

The 6 main results of Bolsonaro’s journey to the USA

Here is a recent short piece by Andrea, a Slavic woman blogger, on the differences between the state violence of the US and of China:

the crucial difference in state violence between the US and China

One of many posts by bloggers on the unanswered questions about the recent mass murder in New Zealand is this one from Queensland in Australia:

Will the real Brenton Tarrant please stand up?

The Mystery Worshipper blog has reposted a recent and challenging article by Charles Carlson here:

Christchurch massacre: devout Christians and Israeli Zionists are responsible

And, here is another good post from Mystery Worshipper:

Russia plans massive Jesus statue on site previously reserved for Lenin and Stalin

From the Europeans worldwide blog, we have this recent post about the very violent and destructive attacks in Europe on Christian churches.  Where is the mainstream media on these attacks, which are clearly motivated by hate?!

No wonder Christ weeps

Also, from the same blog, is this good piece on Brigitte Bardot, whose only “crime” is that she wishes that France preserves its Christian culture.

Brigitte Bardot hounded by French regime

We’ll see you all again, and again.

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  1. Agreed!
    Except for the “Nature is cruel”-bit. Nature is not cruel. Nature just is. Neither cruel nor benign. Just is. Indifferent.
    But we humans like to stick our own morality and emotions to it.

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