food in Istanbul – some images

The following pics have been forwarded to us by family relatives travelling now in Turkey.  The theme today is food in the ancient city that straddles 2 continents, Istanbul.

Let’s start with some Turkish coffee, perhaps with some chocolate or cocoa mixed in.  Nice image.



A food bazaar or open air food stalls or markets.



Spices among other items.



Another nearby view.



This looks interesting.  Not sure what it is.



Oranges and grapefruits here.



A sign for a local bakery in Istanbul.



A bakery product.



Turkish candy or simply candy in Turkey?



More candy.



A closer look now.



This appears to be the liquor section of a super market.



This next image is interesting.  Did they not have a local election on the date indicated?  But, then perhaps sales of alcohol are banned on every Sunday.  For some of us, we will have to settle on sipping some good Rye Whiskey at home on a Sunday evening.



A man cuts the meat for diners.



A closer look in this view.



Now, for some pics of actual entrees and meals.



This next image is of a dish that appears to have been prewrapped in plastic.



This next dish is either an appetizer or is a selection from the senior citizen menu.



Under a Trojan Horse, we can see various desserts.



An interesting dish seen here.  It looks delicious.



This next dish seems to be a variation on the same theme as directly above.



This next pic is of meat in a broth or soup.



And, now the coffee cup is empty as we have come to the end of our brief survey of food in Istanbul.



It seems that only a small percentage of viewers click on the like button.  That is not a reflection upon us, dear readers.

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  1. I will not only like it, but comment as well.

    The first mystery for you appears to be potato spirals, maybe deep fried on the sticks. Mmmm! The oranges and grapefruits display is liberally sprinkled with pomegranates, making for a very pretty display!

    Your “appetizer or senior’s menu” photo reminds me of the time I and my sister went to the Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant in the late ’80s. We made jokes on the way there that we may have to eat at Dairy Queen later. Well, long story short, we had to. Ha ha!!

    These pics look so delicious, my mouth is watering! 😋 Turkey is so colorful, and I can almost smell the spicy fragrance of the markets. Mmmmmm!!

    Thank you for sharing!

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