cats near and far

We now share 4 new images of cats for your viewing pleasure.

This image was captured earlier today in Asia Minor.  We call this pic Cat Amid the Ruins.  The notable thing is that this could not have been staged.  This cat was sunning itself in the early April sunshine on the stone pedestal among the ruins.  Cat also do this on large flat gravestones in cemeteries the world over.



This next image we call Cat on Mosaic.  The singular beauty speaks for itself.



As others have opined, cats do have a tough time of it in this world.  Stray or feral cats have a precarious existence and usually do not live more than a couple of years.

This next image, again from earlier today in far off Asia Minor, we call Cat Under Spring Leaves.  Once again, for those who know cats, this was not staged, nor was it “photo shopped”.  It is the real deal.  We thank our brother-in-law for these images he captured earlier today while on holiday tour in Turkey.



Now back from the other side of the world, we present an image of our affectionate pet house cat named Yoyo.  He is now about 5 years old.



after thoughts

Cats are solitary hunters (with the notable exception of lions).  One might say that cats are self-reliant, rugged individuals.  With the re-introduction of wolves into the Yellowstone NP area of Wyoming and Idaho, the solitary mountain lions (aka cougars) have some serious competition for available prey.  And, the wolves, hunting and stalking in packs, will (and do) kill solitary mountain lions.  For me, I say to hell with the wolves, and let us not endanger the mountain lions.  The wolves are groupies, and truth be told, I have never been a groupie.

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