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The West, or Western Civilization is in serious decline, and may be on the verge of extinction.  In all honesty and candor, we are compelled to refer to the West today as post-Christian as no authentically Christian culture or nation would permit, much less celebrate, all the great moral evils that are ingrained now in our societies in the West.  The human costs of this decline of our civilization are staggering, and not all of these costs are quantifiable in US dollars or Euros.  How do you quantify in mere money terms the psychological, emotional, and spiritual harm that is being experienced by millions today in the decadent, demoralized West?!

What have liberals done, what role have they played in this precipitous and terribly destructive civilizational decline?  (For our purposes, liberals, progressives, and Leftists are all the same thing.  If that lacks nuance, deal with it.)

As other bloggers have recently contributed to this discussion and have helped to answer our query above, we will not duplicate their efforts, but will link to their recent work.  We do not necessarily agree with all that is contained in the linked articles below, but these all are thought provoking and incisive.

Some bloggers are already writing the epitaph for Western Civilization.  Here is a good piece that looks at the big picture and yet dives down to dissect the harm that the Left (with its anti-fact, anti-truth/reality tactics) has done to the West.

Western Culture has died a politically correct death

This next linked post instructs us on the game of power and privilege those liberals and progressives play.

The game of the political Left: power and privilege

Here is a good short post on some of the continuing attacks on the family by those privileged, self-righteous, holier than thou liberal progressives.  Being liberal means that you can violently attack what you do not agree with, and you can attack those who dare to disagree with you.  Classic totalitarian tactics on display.

Alt-Left protestors of family congress force Verona into lockdown

Censorship in Finland when illiberal liberals and progressives complained about a film that dared to address the heavy price that Finns have paid (and continue to pay) for the continuing immigrant invasion of Europe:

Video set to horrify the hideous liberal Left


The random feature image today is of stone (brick) stairs at a neighbor’s house.



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  1. We’ve got to come up with a different name for all the “liberals” (I always use quotes when referring to them now) doing all this garbage! Classical liberalism has always upheld and promoted freedom of speech. That’s how the Free Speech Movement got started in Berkeley CA back in the 1960’s. It wanted a discussion of all the bombs being used to kill innocent Vietnamese (among other things). This was viewed as being “liberal” at the time, and frankly I was very much in favor of it. It was a protest against the “conservative” (have to put that in quotes now also) policies of endless, unprovoked foreign wars of aggression. I have never wavered ONE IOTA in my dissent from these unprovoked wars in the last 50 years! And this is why, for the longest time, I always thought of myself as a liberal, not a conservative.

    Now we are seeing something completely bizarre on the same Berkeley campus (and many other colleges across the nation). Conservatives are being attacked as before, but not because of pro-war policies. In fact, if anything, it’s the “liberals” who are pro-war now, demonizing Russia and Vladimir Putin every minute that they aren’t attacking Donald Trump. Do they not understand that Putin has thousands of nuclear warheads at his disposal? Saber-rattling at a nuclear superpower is a true sign of insanity!

    Before, it was the liberals who were being silenced at Berkeley. Now, strangely it is the liberals who are censoring conservatives. What a complete flip-flop! This is why I bristle at the idea of calling these people “liberal”. A classical liberal is pro-freedom, which these people clearly are NOT! They are instead authoritarian and want to impose their way on all others, whether those others like it or not!

    The closest thing I can come up with is to call these people “statists”. They want to put all power into the state (or government). Wow! Not my idea of anything I would call “liberal”! I remember back in those days we had a chant that went “Two, four, six, eight, organize and smash the STATE!” You definitely won’t hear contemporary “liberals” chanting this anywhere nowadays!

    I also think conservatives need to focus more on the war issue. Ron (and Rand) Paul did this, which is the main reason I favored them. If “liberals” have completely abandoned their former anti-war position, conservatives should take up the vacuum. This has traditionally always been the case anyway – just look at who got us into the most deadly wars fought in the 20th century: liberal Democrats like Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and LBJ. It was conservatives like Reagan and (a better example) Warren G. Harding (who’s that?) who kept us OUT of such wars! And most people really loved them for it, because our economy thrived when we weren’t spending billions on killing people who never threatened us. (Note this is contrary to the often-held belief that “war is good for the economy”. No, it’s really only good for the mega-rich industrialists who profit immensely from getting business from the government at over-inflated prices. Check Smedley Butler’s “War Is A Racket”. The fact that it puts “Rosie the Riveter” to work is small potatoes compared to who really makes out big.)

    This is an issue that could actually erase the divide between liberals and conservatives. I know very few people who are actually pro-war, except those heavily invested in the military-industrial complex. I have noticed (a true traditional liberal in my mind) Glenn Greenwald is starting to make regular appearances on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News TV show now. This is a VERY refreshing change to see! I believe Laura Ingraham even interviewed him also, and even Sean Hannity had some positive things to say about him! This is because Greenwald doesn’t fall for the (twisted) liberal line one bit now. He was a regular guest on CNN and MSNBC, but he ditched THEM because they wouldn’t stop with this phony Russian collusion narrative. So he went to Fox, and I see this as a promising development.

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment.

      Let me just say, and I do not mean to sound defeatist, but it is difficult to be optimistic about the future of Western Civilization given the indoctrination of the young. If the Europeans do not vote for the ethno-nationalist parties next month in the EU parliamentary elections, it is over and done for Europe. The ethnic Europeans have to stop hating themselves and overthrow the feminized and socialistic thinking they have suffered with for the past several decades.

      Here in the US, we could call these miserable wretches “liberal fascists”. It is they who traffic in hate! (The linked articles touch on that.)

      Both major political parties are corrupt and are essentially just 2 competing cliques of Jews (who control both parties). The congress woman from Hawaii, Giffords, is the only one saying we have to end these regime change wars. Look at what is being done to the poor Yemeni people in the proxy war there. The odious regime in Saudi Arabia gets our full backing as Secretary of State, Pompeo is a fanatical Zionist and believes that Iran is the worst villain in the world. This country fights wars for 2 reasons. First, to benefit Israel. And, second, to make sure the US dollar remains the unchallenged reserve currency for the world. (Saddam Hussein, Moammar Ghaddafi, and now Maduro all wanted to do business for their oil in other currencies.)

      Ron Paul has talked about how if we had sound money we would be a more peaceful country. And, of course, he is exactly right. If the war hawks had to tell the citizens the true cost of the wars and that to pay for these wars we would all endure higher tax rates for decades to come, you can be sure there would be a true ground swell against these needless wars. We still have not paid off World War II by the way. We will pay the bankers interest for ever from these misguided adventures.

      Stephen, i am going to share a link to a rather lengthy article that you might enjoy. It is thought provoking, and check out my comments at the bottom.

      1. By the way, as you mention Sean Hannity, be aware that he is the kind of man who will kiss the backside of any and every Jew anywhere, except one he considers a “liberal” or of the Left.

      2. Right, I am well aware of Hannity’s inability to see to see anything wrong with Israel or Zionist Jews. He acted flabbergasted when Jim Traficant actually came out and said Israel controls Congress! DUH! You’d have to be literally living in a cave without any Internet to NOT know that!

        I’ve had it with Zionism and all of their shills like Hannity, Alex Jones, and almost all of the Fox News crew. I’ll give Tucker Carlson credit for never once (to my knowledge at least) pulling out the dreaded ubiquitous “anti-Semite” card.

        Just finished watching part 1 of the 10-part video documentary “EUROPA The Last Battle”. Easily the most gruesome thing I have ever watched. Deals with what Russian Christians had to endure under Jewish Communism. Gut-wrenching stuff. I don’t want anybody to ever try and tell me that the Jews are harmless after watching this. They are the most cold-blooded inhuman monsters ever created.

      3. Thanks for your reply.

        That Europa series is very informative and ought to be widely viewed. Yes, Jewish villainy has to be exposed despite the Jews whining about “anti-Semitism”. Israel uses America, and one day will discard a destroyed America.

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