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Some photo albums just go missing.  Tonight, we found on the floor of a small closet, 2 albums of photos from my solo trip to Utah in May, 1996.  This was a surprise for us as we had not seen these in many years.  We share now 2 pics from that time.  (As we sort through and pack our belongings and household goods for upcoming relocation, we are finding many things.)

This image was taken in Nevada while driving to Utah.  I cannot recall for sure now, but it may be near the town of Caliente in eastern Nevada.  The Union Pacific Railroad has a mainline there connecting Los Angeles with Salt Lake City via Las Vegas.  But, this scene looks to be of a little used or abandoned “spur” off a mainline.



Here we have another picture of a picture (capturing a little intrusion of fabric during rephotographing tonight) .  This is of Cathedral Gorge State Park, which is several miles north of Caliente in easternmost Nevada.  The walls of bentonite clay there have eroded into bizarre towers and spires that a visitor can walk among and in between.  In this view, I was shooting upwards toward the sky around midday in May, 1996.

It is a shame that we do not have the scanners here at home to get more of these photos up on the blog here.  Looking briefly through the albums of this trip, we could see that the Canon camera with the Kodak 100 speed film of the time produced many good still shots of the memorable scenery on this trip.  I actually visited 6 national parks, the 5 in southern Utah, and on the return leg, the northern rim of Grand Canyon NP (in Arizona) was visited.



recent links of interest

As always, as we link to other blogs, bear in mind that this does not imply that we agree with or endorse all the views, or all the positions taken on various issues to be found on these other blog sites.

on FDR’s culpability for American entry into World War II

It is good to see that the excellent (thoroughly researched and documented) writings of John Wear* are being linked to on various websites and by various bloggers.  This next post is effectively reposted from the Unz Review by another WordPress blogger.  It informs us that President Franklin Roosevelt has much culpability for getting America into a world war which the vast majority of Americans in the late 1930s did not want.  Although Mr. Wear cites the works of established historians and professors, Harry Elmer Barnes, and Charles Tansill for much that is quoted in his article, perhaps the earliest revelations in the US of FDR’s villainy can be found in an obscure book published in 1947, namely, Uncovering the Forces for War, by Conrad K. Grieb.  Grieb also cites the Polish diplomatic correspondence that the other writers refer to that brings to light that FDR goaded both Britain and France to make war on Germany in 1939 as he assured both countries of American aid and eventual entry into the conflict in Europe.  (The Germans seized many such files of Polish diplomatic correspondence when they entered Warsaw in late September, 1939.)  Prof. Tansill’s book, Back Door to War (Regnery) is a classic that tells the story of FDR’s villainy with US State Deparment correspondence of the period.

* John Wear is the author of Germany’s War: The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of World War II, 2015, a revisionist classic that can be found on Amazon here.

An often overlooked historical document is Hitler’s speech to the Reichstag in December, 1941, in which he declares war on the US.  In his speech, Hitler accuses and blames Franklin Roosevelt and his machinations for turning 2 regional wars (in Europe and in East Asia) into a world war.

Here is the link to this good piece that needs to be read by every serious student of the history of the period:

Inconvenient History – Roosevelt Conspired to Start World War II in Europe

on the Apollo moon landings

This next linked post is to a critique of the Apollo moon landings and points out some anomalies in the official narrative that are not so easy to explain away or to dismiss.  Was the whole world duped into believing that Americans landed on the moon in 1969 and five more times in the next few years?  We cannot say, but this is an interesting and entertaining piece to be sure.

The Moon Landings: A Giant Hoax for Mankind?  An Introduction to the mother of all conspiracy theories

on the Jews and their quite significant effect on the modern world

Christian Zionists will be made quite uncomfortable if they read this challenging post found on the Unz Review website.  For those persons who have a serious interest in the subject of Jewish Supremacism and the influence the Jews today exert throughout the world, this post is recommended.  There are various incisive quotes from Jewish writers in this piece (some might attempt to smear these as “self-hating” Jews, but, more likely they are Jewish individuals who are capable of objectivity and are able to dispassionately discuss the undeniable power of organized Jewry in the modern world).  Are the Jews of today really the “chosen people” of God?  And, is there much that we do not know of the God of the Old Testament?  (For instance was/is Yahweh the god of all mankind, or was he exclusively a tribal god only of/for the ancient Israelites?)

We only present the reality of the dilemma here, and encourage readers to form their own conclusions after careful research and reflection.

gun control now out of control in New Zealand

Apparently, gun confiscation is now underway in New Zealand.

door to door gun confiscations have already begun in New Zealand – home visits by armed law enforcement personnel

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