2 new helpful links on marital intimacy

Long time Christian marriage blogger, Julie Sibert has posted a couple of great essays in the past 2 days on her blog, Intimacy in Marriage.  These essays are linked below and can be beneficial to both newlyweds and to those spouses married for many years.

While a mutually fulfilling sexual relationship with one’s spouse is not the only necessary ingredient for a strong, happy, and successful (read: lasting) marriage, it is one very key ingredient that must not be neglected.  Christians need to reclaim sex and sexual love back from our currently toxic, morally nihilistic, post-Christian culture.  Nurturing healthy sexual intimacy within one’s marriage is a good place to start.  Also, instructing one’s children about sex is also needed as the morally relativistic “sex-ed” in the schools today does much serious harm to our children.

Feminism in the past 50 years has caused much harm to marriage, relationships, families, and to society as a whole.  Christian women who desire to be good wives and mothers need to reject the lies and grotesque excesses of current feminist thinking and ideology.  As well, Christian men need to man-up so to speak, and take on their family responsibilities in their roles of husband and father.  No shirking, no abdicating responsibility here!  We need fathers today, not mere sperm donors!

Now, here are the links to Julie’s insightful and incisive posts.  Again, I repeat that both of these posts are good for both newlyweds and for those persons already married for some years.

This is what we should be saying about sex in marriage

And, here is the second link:

3 things to say during sex to boost arousal and connection

That title says a lot.  Sexual intimacy within marriage is about connection between the spouses.  Spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical connection.  Think about that.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience while on this Earth.  If we can strengthen, deepen, and enhance that living connection between the husband and the wife during their lovemaking, we can help to strengthen the marriage bond and that is good and beneficial not just to the spouses, but also to their children.

Readers: If you know any newlyweds or any engaged to be married couples, please feel free to pass on these links to them.

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