unfiltered: on abortion and infanticide

introductory remarks

Q.  What is truth?

A.  Truth is what people can be made to believe.

That is one conclusion I reached about 20 years ago, and wrote it down in the journal of my thoughts that I kept at the time.

People have been made to believe that women have “a fundamental Constitutional right” to abortion in the US.  They have heard this mantra now for decades from their early childhood up through adolescence and in their adult lives.  Too many individuals have never thought to question this premise.  (A legal analysis of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision of January 22, 1973 is beyond the scope of this post.  But, attorneys who have studied the decision, and the related Doe vs. Bolton decision have told many of us that the so-called right to abortion is based on a “web of legal fictions”.)

late-term abortions and infanticide now normalized in the US

With the rather flippant remarks a few months back by the current governor of the state of Virginia on late-term abortions and infanticide, we need to ask ourselves as a society what determines our humanity, or if you prefer, our personhood (our rights, and also legal protection for our rights).  It is absurd to assert that one can be a human being, yet not be a “person” (in legalese), and thus have no human rights.

Is the decision of the woman – as to whether she wants her baby or not – the criteria for the humanity of her child in her womb?  If so, it all comes down to the whim of the mother.  And, we see an increasing disrespect for the value of the lives of others who are marginalized in our society and are not wanted by many citizens (the homeless, the imprisoned, and the mentally ill are examples).  Is our humanity determined by, and dependent upon our being wanted by others?  That is very chilling to think objectively about.

There was a pro-choice (read: pro-abortion) woman apologist at the time who tried to convince the television audience that the issue was not infanticide at all (once a child is delivered in the 8th or 9th month of pregnancy after a failed abortion, and then is left to die being deprived of food and water, and medical care).  The issue was one of unwanted pregnancies!  So, for 8 or 9 months, a pregnant woman hems and haws and vacillates, and then at the last moment decides that she does not want this baby after all.  The child still has no rights, and can be legally killed at any time up to, and including during, and even after delivery.  That is the de facto reality in the US.  (Read up on the Kermit Gosnell case in Philadelphia for one particularly gruesome example of the terrible decades long conduct of those doing the abortions across the land.)

Deflect, divert, deny is the tactic that pro-choice folks always use in their debates with pro-life people on these issues.  The reason that these pro-abortion zealots use these tactics is that they know full well that when the debate turns to the child in utero, they lose much support for the abortion on demand position.  This explains also the behavior of pro-abortion zealots who try to cover up or block out the truth which contradicts their false narrative.  When they do not succeed at covering up or destroying the graphic images of the shredded and dismembered bodies of babies on the college campuses and in the public square, they assert that these images are “fake”.  (No, those images are not fake.  Former abortionists have verified their accuracy and reality.)

For some years now, there has been a professor at Princeton University, Singer by name, who has been advocating for the right of parents to kill their children up to the age of five years!  We could not make this stuff up.  And, we point out that too many “bioethicists” work to rationalize the increasing assaults on human life (and dignity) in our society.

our conclusions

The science is pretty clear in this area.  Life begins at conception as, others have pointed out, there really is no other point at which it can begin.

Abortion, no matter how you excuse it with applying dehumanizing euphemisms to the child in utero (such as fetus, clump of tissue, product of conception, or as the “abortus”) is the taking of a human life.  Calling abortion “a termination of pregnancy” obscures the fact that a natural end to pregnancy is a live birth after nine months of gestation.

When will abortion end in the US?

Abortion will not end until women – en masse – reject abortion.

Thus, the question becomes: when will women reject abortion?

Too many babies (several tens of millions now) have been sacrificed on the altar of “Choice”.



other related thoughts

Failed pro-life strategies.  Telling abortion bound women, and post-abortive women that they will be, or have been exploited by the abortionist, and/or that “sexually irresponsible” men are entirely responsible for their situation is not effective in persuading these women to reject abortion and to carry their babies to term.  Making excuses for abortion bound women has not won any such women over to a pro-life position or conviction over these past few decades.  Pro-life groups that have been so afraid of offending women are effectively enablers.

Similarly, this ongoing supply side fixation on the part of many pro-life advocacy groups across the nation is ineffective as it does not address the demand side of the equation.  The harsh reality is that demand creates its own supply.  Women are the demand in “abortion on demand”.

Contemporary Christianity in the US

A few words now are in order about Christians in the US.  Many self-identifying Christians have bought into the spirit of these times and believe that a woman can in good conscience choose to abort her baby.  If there are no moral absolutes, then there truly is no morality.  Moral relativism, moral caprice, morality based on shifting popular whim, and moral nihilism are no substitutes for true moral absolutes.  These Christians are deceiving themselves here.  (And, as we have pointed out numerous times, many Christians in the US are in error when they nearly worship the Jews.  My point is that in the US today, we have many faux or counterfeit Christians, and we have a degraded Christianity.  (There may come a day soon when a pro-life position may get you labelled as an “anti-Semite” as most leading Jewish public figures today support abortion on demand.  Jewish pressure groups like the SPLC already have taken to calling certain pro-life and pro-family groups as “hate groups” – see link here.))

However, as the media and academia will not tell you, it is only Christians who offer women in crisis pregnancies loving alternatives to abortion.  They do this by funding and staffing homes for expectant mothers around the country, and in some cases by taking into their private homes, pregnant women and girls who have nowhere else to turn.  And, many of the resources available to post-abortive women and girls for healing are offered by various Christian churches and organizations.

parting shots

Here are a couple of more images to make a person think on these issues.  These small cards came from a pro-life group that I broke with around 2007 as this group placed the entire blame for abortion on men, which is clearly not true.

Take note that women are not of monolithic unanimity on so-called abortion rights  The younger generation today is significantly less “pro-choice” than the baby boomer generation who are growing older each day, and will one day depart the scene for ever.  (Survey and opinion polls are bearing this out.)



Angry pro-abort women are still not happy even after more than 45 years of Roe v. Wade in the US.



Let’s end on a positive note.  Many women will come to regret and grieve over their abortions.  But, one never hears a woman lament that she gave life to her baby.



end of post

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  1. Am I to understand that you consider men to be blameless in this instance? I haven’t heard of any virgin births lately, have you? And how many deaths can be attributed to religion in the course of human history?

  2. Good for you, for many reasons.

    I have always hated “Choice” Culture. Excuses from tired windbags is all it will ever be. Lethal excuses.

    I will say, my hatred of that aberration has only deepened in dealing with and then overcoming my wife’s infertility.

    When I hold my son, it is incomprehensible to me that some soulless reptile could deny his humanity and will his death.

    Some folk are simply beyond the pale. Thank you for posting.

      1. interesting article, sir, but you forgot to mention the Secular Pro-Life movement alongside Pro-Life Feminist groups like Rehumanize, & there’s even a growing of leftwing nonreligious/Nontraditional pro-lifers such as myself.

      2. Thanks for your comment. Yes, there are more folks joining the pro-life movement and many are not necessarily motivated by religious convictions. And, that is good news. The science informs us of the humanity of the unborn child in utero. To deny the unborn, or preborn, their humanity is not based on science but on ideology.

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