feature image and links for Monday, April 15

Our feature image today is of 2 paintings that were purchased in a thrift store many years ago.  You see, I have been rich and I have been poor at various times in my life.  Back in 1986, I told my late father that I liked shopping at thrift stores as it helped out the poor and needy in the community (many thrift stores are operated by charitable and/or religious groups).  He looked at me, and said “That’s not why you shop there, Larry.  You like getting something for nothing.”  It appears my father knew his children better than we thought he knew us.  Ha-ha.  Anyway, for just a few dollars, these 2 paintings were purchased.




Julian Assange is being vilified by the media subsequent to his arrest, or at least by many in the media.  Here is a good post that discusses what got Assange into trouble.  He, similar to Edward Snowden’s revelations, revealed what the US military-industrial-banking-government complex did not want made known to the public at large, namely, US war crimes in Iraq.

Julian Assange’s arrest another nail in the coffin of a free press

In this next linked post, Andrea (a Slavic blogger) gives her lengthy take on current and ongoing Jewish efforts at restricting free speech and free inquiry.  You can scroll down to near the bottom or end of her essay to see the 10 issues that powerful Jewish interests do not want discussed openly and freely in our Western societies.  (Her list, by the way, is an abridged listing, as there are more than 10 issues that Jews want suppressed.)   The moral of the story is the Jews do not want their villainy, harmful schemes and machinations revealed to the public at large.

It is worth noting that it also the Jews, or at least a significant portion of the leading public figure Jews, who insist on ever more restrictive gun control and eventual elimination of the right to own guns in the US.  This makes us ask: Why do we allow a tiny, chauvinistic, socially aggressive minority, that makes up no more than about 2 and one-quarter per cent of the US population, to have so much influence over our national life and culture here in the US?  It is Weimar Germany (depraved, debauched, and demoralised) all over again.

10 reasons why Jewish Supremacists hate free speech for goyim and conscientious Jews who dare to speak the truth

Rhinos are seriously threatened with extinction through loss of habitat, but even more by the senseless poaching to supply the Chinese and the Vietnamese with rhino “horn”.  These superstitious fetishes and fake, primitive, medicinal practices in East Asia are causing the rhinos’ rapid decline.

facing down a crisis

From Mike Walsh, in Europe, we have the next 2 linked, recent posts.  In the first link, we read more of the villainy of Winston Churchill, a man who has recently been lionized in the movies.  The sad truth is that Churchill was no hero.  He was a fraud, an alcoholic, a war monger, and, yes, by his orders, a war criminal.  That may not be pleasing to read, but it is the truth.

One troubling query comes to mind for students of the British actions in late summer, 1939.  Chamberlain sold the British declaration of war on Germany (on 3 September) as being to save Poland and her freedom.  If that were truly so, then why did not Britain also declare war on the Soviet Union once that country’s army invaded Poland from the east on 17 September?  We note that Poland was not free after the war ended in 1945.

Did Churchill betray your country too?

In this next link, we see that there are some down under in Australia who seek to restore a nationalist policy in government and seek to preserve traditional Australian culture.

Australia’s Victor Orban comes out fighting

In this last link for today, we see that Poland may seek enormous financial or monetary reparations from Germany over its World War II occupation.  This is understandable given that Israel has reaped around $70 billion dollars thus far from Germany for the alleged holocaust.  But, the question arises, why not also go after reparations from Russia since the USSR invaded Poland on 17 September 1939, and occupied the eastern half of the country until mid 1941?  Then, the USSR re-entered and kept Poland as a satellite communist state from late 1944 until 1989.

Poland could ask Germany for over $900 billion in World War II reparations

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