a question on the reporting of the fire at Notre Dame in Paris

Why do we always seem to hear in the first several minutes of such a terrible news story, anywhere in the Western world, that the incident (fire, bombing, mass shooing, etc.) is not “terror related”?

How can the “authorities” actually know this?  Seriously, now.  How can this be known prior to any investigation being conducted?  (The answer is that it cannot be known prior to the conducting of a thorough and independent investigation.)

We do not yet know what the cause of the fire at the Cathedral yesterday was.  We will get an official version at some point as to the cause(s) of the fire, and it may or may not be the factual truth.  But, doesn’t it strike you as odd, or at least noteworthy, that the government, police and journalist “authorities” reflexively say, almost immediately, that such and such event or action(s) is not terror related?!

Our news is largely propaganda that is used to direct our thinking wherever the puppet masters wish it to go.  A certain healthy skepticism is necessary in these times.  As to the fire in Paris, did you know or hear news media reports that there have been ongoing (and escalating) attacks on Catholic churches and shrines throughout France for more than a year now?  Why now, did we never hear of that from those noble controllers of information, namely the government “authorities” and their lackeys in the media?

Just food for thought.

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