Sri Lanka Cardinal: Terrorists Are ‘Animals,’ Must Be ‘Punished Mercilessly’

We were deeply saddened and outraged over the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka.  We reblog this piece as it raises relevant questions that need to be asked.

Violent Islam has to be countered, opposed and defeated.  That said, we must here in the US realize that our military actions in the Middle East have served to increase Muslim hatred and violence.  And, we must question our subservience to Israel as well.

Pesky Truth

By Thomas D Williams, PhD, 4-22-19, at Breitbart News:

Sri Lanka’s highest-ranking Catholic prelate called on the government to hunt down the attackers behind the lethal bombings that killed nearly 300 people Sunday and to “punish them mercilessly.”

“I would also like to ask the government to hold a very impartial strong inquiry and find out who is responsible behind this act and also to punish them mercilessly, because only animals can behave like that,” said Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the archbishop of Colombo.

Ranjith expressed his “deepest sorrow and sympathy” for those affected by the attacks, while advising against vigilante actions.

“I ask all our Sri Lankan people not to take the law into their own hands and to maintain peace and harmony in this country,” he said.

The Easter Sunday massacre took place at six locations – three churches and three hotels – and involved seven suicide bombers…

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  1. Someone made a snide reply to your comment on the original article, Larry. I replied that they need to watch “The Loss of Liberty” on YouTube. I know this has made even the most hardened pro-Israel people do some serious head-scratching.

    1. Yes, thanks Stephen. I do clash with Christian Zionists rather frequently. Often times, I make respectful but inconvenient comments that challenge their views.

    2. I just checked the original article, and it appears that your comment was struck and is not there now. It must have been too much for those others who follow that blog. Some people cannot confront the truth when it conflicts with their long held views. I will not cease from working against the religious error of Christian Zionism. Any Christian who espouses those views (of CZ) is a counterfeit Christian.

  2. The horrendous murders in Sri Lanka should not go unpunished. Though IS has made an attempt to stake a claim, the attacks have a signature stamp of Pakistan based terror outfits JuD and LeT. Like-minded countries must come together and tame the source of evil. Pakistan-China-N Korea nexus obviously take the lead in global terrorism. China and N Korea may not be always directly involved, like Pakistan, in most of the terror-related issues, but indirect involvement like a supply of arms and ammunition has been always been the case. Missile and nuclear technology proliferation are akin to terrorism and all these countries are accused of that. China leads this pack.

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