an incisive post from the defunct Ukrainian Archives

“It is better to light a single candle, than to curse the darkness.”  – Lao Tse (or, if you prefer, Tzu), the legendary founder of Taoism (although Taoism appears to have been developed as a cooperative or collective effort by several individuals), a contemporary of both the Buddha, and Confucius.

introductory remarks

Reviewing my paper files recently, I came across several printed posts from the now defunct website, Ukrainian Archives.  The owner of the site, Lubomyr Prytulak, was of Ukrainian origin.  Based in Canada (Vancouver, I think it was), the website was taken down by the Canadian authorities around 2005, or it may have been as late as 2006 or 2007.  (Readers:  Be aware that there are serious legal restrictions on free speech in Canada and in many European nations on certain taboo subjects.)  In 1999, and 2000, Lubomyr was posting many open letters to Jewish public figures taking these figures to task for their assertions and/or testimony against Ukrainians and their promotion of sensationalist tales related to the holocaust.  He wrote about the contradictory and confused testimony of alleged “eye-witnesses” at the trial of John Demjanjuk in Israel in 1987-8 (covered at the time in the national edition of the New York Times).  He took to task one of the directors of one of the holocaust museums in Canada for his public remarks.  Of course, it was only a matter of time until Jewish pressure groups acted to have his website taken down by the authorities in Canada.

Here, I will type from the hard copy, one page from a lengthy open letter to Yitzhak Arad, who, as head of Israel’s holocaust museum, gave “expert” testimony at the John Demjanjuk trail.  It is very incisive and insightful.  Let me add now that this post is being made from the US by a US citizen.  Credit is given to the author, Lubomyr Prytulak, and who may now be dead (there was some debate years ago as to if this name was a pseudonym).

lengthy quote from the Ukrainian Archives website

original source (now a defunct website):, Yitzhak Arad Letter 9 04Nov99 Hair Factory at Treblinka, from page 8 of 9, (italics are mine):

” . . .  Of course the failure of yourself, and the Jewish community generally, to decry the corruption of Holocaust history encourages the hypothesis that you and they are not opposed to such corruption, but rather participate in it, and benefit from it.  As the corruption consists of an inflation, an inflated story brings inflated benefits.

“This hypothesis leads in turn to the further speculation that the essence of Judaism consists of the heightening of group cohesion through the incitement within Jews of fear and hatred of non-Jews.  This incitement of fear and hatred is engineered through the repetition of macabre fables and folk tales, such as those written by twenty-year BBC correspondent Michael Elkins above, such as those recited by Yaakov Bleich every Saturday in his Khmelnytsky curse, such as those created by Jerzy Kosinsky in his award-winning novel, such as those invented by Morley Safer and Simon Wiesenthal in front of 30 million viewers on 60 Minutes (Ed: In 1994, during an episode of 60 Minutes, Safer is said to have made the claim (assertion) that Ukrainians are genetically predisposed to anti-Semitism.), such as those echoed in Canada by Sol Littman, and so on, and so on, tracing all the way back to at least Nathan Hanover in the 17th century.  If such fables and folk tales are to be effective, they must be given the appearance of reality, especially if they are employed by Jews to commit judicial murder – as was attempted in the case of John Demjanjuk – and for this reason Jews need to gain influence over the press, the media, and the flow of information.  More particularly, if the public needs to be made to believe in fables and folk tales, then the open discussion of the veracity of those fables and folk tales must be suppressed.  The opposition of non-Jews against this overall Jewish strategy is attributed to the psychiatric disorder of “anti-Semitism” whose putative existence is used to fuel further fear and hatred among Jews.  This strategy is repeatedly employed by Jewish leaders to enhance their power over the Jewish people, despite its inciting against the Jewish people chronic resentment and sporadic violence.  This is the strategy that might constitute the essence of Judaism.

“Such are the reflections that reading Michael Elkins must elicit in any mind not paralyzed by habit or fear.”

end of lengthy quote

This quote speaks for itself.  But, we must say “Wow” for its clarity, incisiveness, and its boldness.  (The careful reader may notice a similar strategy used by many black leaders in the US employing the charge of “racism”, implied, institutional, or merely imagined.)

concluding remarks

If we conclude that the Jews have lied to us about the holocaust, then the question comes to mind: what other things have the Jews lied to us about?  Or, in other words, what other lies have they spread?  Ponder that for a few moments, or if you have the time, for a few hours over the next several days.

It is time to cease from heaping calumnies upon the Germans, the Ukrainians. the Latvians,  the Hungarians, etc.  It is now 100 years since the murderous regime of Bela Kun (Cohn) in Hungary was overthrown when the Hungarians rose en masse to end the mass killings by Kun’s Judeo-Bolshevik murderers.  This helps explain why the Hungarians fought so hard in late 1944 and early 1945 when the Red Army entered Hungary.  They knew the treatment they would receive from the communist hordes.

So what?  Or, why this matters

The holocaust tale, along with the charge of “anti-Semitism”, has been used to shield Jews from any and all criticism (as well, the holocaust narrative has been used to procure (or extort) financial reparations from Germany for Jews and for Israel).  Perpetual victims can never be villains or victimizers!  Notice how Benjamin Netanyahu shames audiences around the world into stunned silence whenever he bleats about “6 million Jews murdered”.  (Ignore for now that world population statistics of the time (pre and post war) for world Jewry debunk this claim.)  No one on the planet may criticize Israel’s actions against the Palestinians.  But, why should any group be above legitimate criticism?!  Rereading the lengthy quote above may cause an objective, dispassionate, thinking citizen to ask:  Do the Jews provoke so-called “anti-Semitism” through their reckless actions?

When unmasked, these Jews reveal their true face – one of arrogance, deceit and betrayal.

The links below tell of historic Jewish villainy and give proof of why we do in fact need to scrutinize the nefarious schemes, machinations and actions of the Jews worldwide.  As well, in various previous posts, we have noted the many harmful actions of the Jews on this blog.  Free speech and open inquiry are to be protected.

relevant, related educational links and books

Readers: Read these linked articles while you still can.  Blogs are being taken down (de-platformed) quite often these days, and bans more books almost every day.  The truth is dangerous to powerful special interests, and they work tirelessly to bury inconvenient truths!

All this talk of Jewish lies and Jewish villainy is giving me a visceral reaction as these have caused so much needless suffering.  If readers are interested in learning about a true holocaust which occurred in Ukraine on the orders of, and at the hands of the Judeo-Bolsheviks, they can visit this site.  (Of course, it is an old trick to accuse others of what you (second person plural) are doing!  The Jews are masters at using this trick.)  But be  warned, it may give you a visceral reaction as it is true horror.

This next linked article tells of Jewish atrocities committed against the Latvians in 1940:

Latvia year of horror: 1940 the year assimilated Jews turned on their neighbors

We use the term Judeo-Bolsheviks because it is historically accurate.  The majority of leading Bolsheviks were ethnic Jews, and many of the mass killers of the early Soviet Union were ethnic Jews.  Here is a good post from another blog that gives the reader some very important forbidden history.

Stalin’s Jews: we must not forget that some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish

Here is another useful link to a quite recent blog post:

fyi – thoughts on the protected race

If you are still believing the official narrative about the Second World War, here are 2 good books to make you rethink your heretofore unquestioned beliefs.

From Mike King, the author of The Bad War, we recommend The British Mad Dog: Debunking the Myth of Winston Churchill (2016).  Even I did not know of all the moral depravity and crimes of this man before reading this book.  Buy direct from (the author’s site), and scroll down to the correct title (it is the 3rd entry down):

John Wear has written the thoroughly researched book, Germany’s War: The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of World War II.  This book can be purchased from here:

And, here is a link to a critique of the British desire to destroy “Hitlerism” from Joseph Goebbels.  This is a refreshing point of view that we never saw in any mainstream history books.  Britain’s plutocracy had much to fear from what Hitler had accomplished in Germany during the 1930s.  (Consider: What if the successful German economic program caught on with the people in England?!  That could never be allowed.)

England’s guilt, by Joseph Goebbels

copyright 2019 – (except for lengthy quote above from the now defunct Ukrainian Archives website)

Our completely unrelated feature image was taken at the airport in Las Vegas early in 1993.  Regrettably, I shook the camera in my haste to take this shot.  “Is this your reaction to mental illness?”



end of post


    1. Yes, we get propaganda masquerading as history. Thus, there is the need for revisionist history to correct the errors and omissions of official historiography.

  1. Today, we came across this page of links exposing the fraud of Christian Zionism, which predates the Zionism of the Jews by at least 200 years! The Jews would not have the power over our government in Washington that they do have if not for the tens of millions of Christians who buy into this terrible and harmful religious error, which is spread by phony publicity seeking “pastors”, who are not teaching or preaching authentic Christianity!

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