images and thoughts for a Tuesday evening

This first photo is of an advertisement found in a hard cover book on India published in 1966.  The paper used for the ad was the same kind as the thin paper used in magazines of the era.  Bombay is now called Mumbai.



We are not sure where we found this intriguing thought (below).  It may have come from a book (on Zen Buddhism perhaps?), or it may have been something I came up with some years back.

Bliss consists of the cessation of all thought.

This next image is from Wadi Rum in Jordan and is courtesy of my wife’s brother.



From a populist newspaper in the 1990s, we had clipped this interesting aphorism:

Establishment politicians thrive by creating an “Us vs. Them” situation then pandering to special interests at the expense of the general good.

Is that not true, of the politicos from both major (and corrupt) political parties here in the US?!

This shot below, a rather fantastical scene, is of cover art to a paperback fantasy fiction novel (pulp fiction from the 1960s or early 1970s in the US).



We came across in our files another interesting tidbit or saying that goes like this:

5 per cent of the people make things happen (the activists); 15 per cent of the people watch what happens (the uninvolved); and 80 per cent of the people wonder what happened (the uncaring).

This may, perhaps, help explain why things can never substantively change for the better.

This next image was originally captured back in January, 2002.  The house that we had built was the first to be completed along this section of the street.  Looking out a front window, before blinds were installed, we can see much open area that was subsequently filled with houses over the next year or more.  This scene is some miles north of Reno, Nevada.  We could not eliminate distortions and some distracting reflections from this image which is a digital picture of a hard copy paper picture.  The original picture had light and shadow effects as afternoon winter sun was filtering in through the windows on the west side of the house.



A conjured Native American spirit?  No.  This is the front of a blank art (or greeting) card from the late 1990s.  The problem with my attempts at photographing it earlier today is that the cover has a kind of glossy finish that produces reflections and distortions which appear in any photos of it.  After several attempts at minimizing these unwanted effects by trying different angles for the shots, I gave up trying.  But, here we show 2 attempts.



An intense or anguished expression here.  This shot suggests that ectoplasm is beginning to form in this view.



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