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The only promise that tomorrow brings is that you’ll have one less tomorrow (left).

This is from a personal journal dated 25 August 1994.



on conscience

Our feature image tonight is of an old postage stamp.  “Freedom of Conscience – An American Right.”  But, this is not true anymore.  People do not have freedom of conscience from the diktats of both the central government in Washington, and from individual state governments.  Government overreach is a reality.  And, the judicial branch – when it is not actively involved in overreach and social engineering – often rubber stamps this overreach by the other branches of government.

a multipolar world

The American Empire began in World War II.  (Some may opine that it started even earlier.)  The US has acted as an imperial power since the 1940s (really since the late 1930s).  But, the reality is that the world is becoming, and will be, a multipolar world, with several major regional powers across the globe.  This is the coming reality whether Americans like it or not.  The US military has enforced the hegemony of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency since the mid 1940s.  But, as major powers (such as China, Russia, and likely India) begin to transact their trade without the US dollar, the dollar’s hegemony is now on borrowed time.  To preserve the phony fiat money scam, will Washington make war on these powers?  Let us hope that sanity and morality will prevail.  In the US, we have a military-industrial-banking-government complex, and it is largely out of control.

cat pics

Our cat always seems to want to be near to us, unless he is sleeping somewhere else in the house.  Here we share 2 images captured earlier today, 3 May 2019.



And, here is a closeup shot.  He looks pretty serious in this view.



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  1. ‘But, as major powers (such as China, Russia, and likely India) begin to transact their trade without the US dollar, the dollar’s hegemony is now on borrowed time.’

    China is part of the SDR group. India cannot match China on any level at the moment. Russia would prefer the US retaining pole position at the IMF, etc. China is the ony competition. The US is secure for some more decades, for sure!

    Nobody would like to rock the World Finance boat.

    1. Then why are these nations looking to transact business without using the US dollar?

      Saddam Hussein, Moammar Ghadaffi, and now Nicholas Maduro, wanted to dump the dollar and accept Euros for payment for their country’s oil. The first 2 were forcibly removed from power, and Maduro is now targeted for removal from power.

      Everyone on the planet who looks at the debt the US has run up and that can never be repaid realizes the US dollar, if it were not for its reserve currency status, would be and is worthless, paper, fiat currency.

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