The 5G health dangers unmasked: a must read

Collective insanity describes how we are rushing to embrace the much hyped 5G wireless technology.

Buyer beware!  All of us, even those who do not use wireless technology will have our health compromised.  No bull-shit.

Become informed by reading this linked article (below).  It may be one of the most important articles you read for the rest of your life, which if we do not avoid this harmful near-microwave radiation*, may be greatly shortened.  Do not live in a home near one of these cell towers if you want to live a healthy, long life. *5G frequency is quite close to the microwave band of frequencies in the electromagnetic wave spectrum.  (You would not stick your head into an operating microwave oven, would you?  Then avoid 5G like the plague that it is!  Protect your families.  Protect yourselves.)

We have opined before that the next mass extinction event on Earth will be manmade.  And, it will not be this phony manmade global warming (a scam).

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