some images from an art museum

Today, 8 May 2019, we visited the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.  Only one floor was open as the top floor (that has some of the exhibits for China, and the exhibits for Southeast Asia, Tibet, and South Asia) was closed for renovation.  We did see the various art works from Japan, Korea, and some of the many artifacts from China.  These pieces were from various periods in the respective countries’ histories.

We share 12 images from today’s leisurely visit.  (This was our second time to visit this museum.  In January, 2015, we were able to tour the entire museum.)

This chiselled message was seen up above the stone staircase and stone column area which we will show down below.  These words speak for themselves.



2 simple but impressive pieces of art that caught my eye for their simplicity and beauty.  Many of these artifacts in the museum were also functional (as jars, urns, bowls, vases, etc.).



A colorful, but small, tea pot is seen here.



This may be a jar for water, and is in the form or shape of a duck.



A ceramic or stoneware jar or urn in the shape of a bird.



This piece of modern art was called Vertigo.  It almost appears to be spinning.



Here we see samples of various motifs for blessings.



A closeup here of the swastika, which is an ancient symbol found in many cultures across the globe.  It often signifies the sun and its power.



After touring the 2nd floor exhibits, we walked out into the open area with stone stairs and columns.



The architecture of the museum building itself is impressive.  I think this was the former home of one of the branches of the San Francisco Public Library.  Here is a look up at the ceiling area of the staircase and columns seen in the previous shot.



Here is another view (landscape instead of portrait orientation) of the open air area with columns and the stone stairs that lead back down to the ground level entrance area.



In front of the entrance, before we entered, we took this pic of a guardian lion.



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