Ladies, Stop Trying to Have Sex Like Men

It appears that men and women are not identical after all.  But, do no allow real world experience and common sense to threaten your passionately held ideological views.

This reblogged post is quite instructive.  However, we do not like the tone directed at men and the shallow generalizations about men.  If women were not so ready (and eager) to fall into bed, well say that might just help some of these promiscuous young men to grow up and realize that sex is serious business.

Hommunism News

(source) In her book “Unprotected,” former campus psychiatrist Dr. Miriam Grossman introduces readers to Olivia, a college student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) who had been valedictorian of her high school class and was planning to go to medical school. After she arrived on campus, Olivia had a short-term relationship with a young man. When it ended, she had bouts of bingeing and vomiting and ended up at the campus health center, where she met Dr. Grossman.

It turns out Olivia had had her first sexual experience with the young man, and she told Grossman she couldn’t stop thinking about him. She especially couldn’t handle seeing him in class. “Why,” Olivia asked her, “do they tell you how to protect your body from herpes and pregnancy, but they don’t tell you what it does to your heart?”

Kerry Cohen, author of the memoir “Loose Girl,”…

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  1. “With uncommitted sex, women are playing a game they can’t win. Feeling “used,” or like a “booty call,” is the most common experience of women who engage in casual sex, or “hookups,” whether they’re teenagers or grown women. That just isn’t the case for most men.

    It is true more women than ever are engaging in commitment-free sex—Lord knows they’re trying!—but this behavior does not in any way alter the unique sexual psychologies of women and men. In other words, women can try to act like men all they want. But the results will be drastically different for most of them.”

    After all this time and this realization continues to come up. Still wondering why there is some truth to it?

    1. Not sure what you mean in your remark after the quote. This lesson seems to have to be relearned by successive generations of young women. The first sexual revolutionaries back in the 1960s are now in their 70s, and their granddaughters are the current “girls gone wild”.

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